Friday, September 28, 2012

Purple Popcorn Balls

 We watched an episode of Strawberry
Shortcake. Two of the characters rolled a
cob of corn down a hill and fell into a
pit with it. To get out, they popped the corn...
letting it lift them to the top.
We're to big to climb on top of popcorn,
so we made a special popcorn treat!
 Olivia loved watching the popcorn pop!
 Once it popped we mixed up our syrup and poured
it over our popcorn. Then we buttered
our hands and made popcorn balls!
Actually, I think I made popcorn
balls while the girls sampled
the popcorn mixture!

According to Grace, they were YUMMY!
Now we know one more thing
she likes to eat.
Purple Popcorn Balls!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

What's That THING In The Garden?

 Grace was here visiting and as she brushed
her teeth she looked out the window!
Wait....What is that?
Could it be?
She spotted something and had
to check it out right away!
 When she was spitting seeds earlier in
the summer, she spit a few into the
garden, where one is still growing.
And right next to that
watermelon plant she found
a watermelon!
She wanted to get it
And she did!
 She rolled it right out of the garden
and right up to the back door!
 Picking watermelon is hard work!
 Look at it roll!
After she got it to the porch
Grandpa took it and put it in the
 Later that evening we cut into it!
These two love watermelon!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Outdoor Tea Party

I wanted a tea party picture of all three
of my lovely little granddaughters
for my tea room!
I decided to do something outdoors
so that I can still enjoy my little
butterfly garden when winter comes!
 Grace was my helper!
It was her job to serve the little girls
and give them just a tad of tea at a time
until I got the pictures I wanted.
 Of course the little girls were happy
to cooperate by eating cookies
and drinking their tea.
 Aren't they adorable?
 Olivia also picked a few flowers!
 I picked my favorite pose and ordered
a gallery wrap!
Isn't it beautiful?
It looks small here, but it is BIG!
It's 24 inches high by 30 inches wide!
The photo above is what you see as
soon as you enter the front door
of my home!
 Here you can see a bit more detail!
 Oh, how I love a beautiful
gallery wrap!
This is what it looks like
when you're straight in front of it.
The color is a touch off,
but you get the picture!
It's perfect for my tea room!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bib BIG Smiles!

 This little girl is HAPPY and CONFIDENT!
I love that about her! And I love her
Don't you just love to see a

Monday, September 24, 2012

Abby's New Hairdo!

 Grace is constantly wanting to fix
someone's hair.
She's fixed mine over and over
again, but there are times that I have to get
up and take care of things, so then.....
she finds a substitute!
 She fixes Abby's hair!
Abby is fairly patient even though
Grace sometimes pulls her tangles!
And eventually, all of the tangles are
combed out and her hair looks
Gracie does a great job!
Now.... who wants their hair done?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Our Neighborhood Park

 Grace likes to ride the Razor
down to the park from time
to time.... and just play!
 The climbers and slides
are all just about the right size!
 She has so much fun!
And I love watching her!
But then....
with a face this cute,
who wouldn't?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Story Time And A Rainbow of Color

 We read about Noah's Ark!
 And Rainbows!
 And then we made our own little
rainbows of color in a pan!
 Both Grace & Olivia had fun!
 We covered the bottom of a cake
pan with Baking Soda
and put vinegar in some small
cups and stirred in a little
liquid food coloring.
 Then the girls could use a dropper
to pick up the colored vinegar mixture and drop
it into the baking soda.
It fizzed into beautiful fizzy colors!
 Grac eventually poured all of her
colored vinegar into her pan
and got this fizzy, foamy mess!
But - she had so much fun doing it!
She's already asked to do it again.
 When we were through, we painted.
Can you see the arches on Grace's Rainbows?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Razor Rides!

 These three girls love for Grandpa to
take them on Razor Rides!
 They zoom back and forth on the empty
lots next to our house.
 When they go up the hill they lift their
hands as if they were riding a
roller coaster!
And no one ever seems to want to
get off!
For a brief moment we thought
Brilyn wanted off.... Grandpa stopped and
she reached for me, so I got her out.
Then she reached for Grandpa
and smiled!
She wanted to DRIVE!
 Yep! That's what she wanted!
Her turn in the driver's seat!
Go, Brilyn, Go!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Riding the Razor to the Pond

 Brilyn loves going for Razor Rides!
So - I put a carseat in the Razor so she and
I could run back and forth to the pond
while Uncle Deuce was down
there fishing with
several little friends.
Deuce often spends his days
fishing and swimming with friends
from church.
On this particular day
the fish weren't biting...
so they all came back to the house
to swim!
Between Deuce and four little girls,
only one fish was caught.
I guess that means that
Jael was the fisherman
of the day!
But - she let Deuce take it off the hook.
She was not touching that thing!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Feeding the Ducks

 With the extremely dry weather we have
had this year our little duck pond is low.
It appears that the ducks have noticed
and most have moved on.
But, we did find a few
who were hungry.
They were nearly as big
as Olivia!
The girls broke bread and tossed it
to the ducks and the ducks rewarded them
by eating it! Even Olivia got the hang
of it pretty quickly!

It was cute watching her tear her bread into
pieces and tossing the pieces to
the ducks!
She is quick to catch on and mimmick
whatever Grace happens to be
And Grace is quick to catch on
and mimmick what she sees
her parents and grand parents
When children are around our
lives are like an open book!
We must be careful
about what we are writing on
our book's pages.
After all, children learn
more from example
than anything else!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Playing at the Park

 While we were at the park we
played on the playground!
 Heather followed Olivia around and
pushed her on the swings and
I followed Grace.
Grace went down these slides
over and over!
 Until another little girl sat down
on the slide next to her
and her competitive spirit
came out!
Grace is GOOD at sliding!
She wanted to beat
that little girl to the bottom!
So she pushed off....
and she flew!
She went so fast that she
flew right off the end of the slide
and scraped her back as she fell
right down on
her bottom!
After that she had
had enough.
Momma and Olivia kept
swinging while I tried
to comfort poor Grace!
But - even after she
felt better she no longer
wanted to play!
So..... off we went to see
if we could find any ducks
or prairie dogs to feed!