Thursday, February 27, 2014

Do You KNow What Else Comes From COWS?

When we went to take our cold
cow's milk out of the refrigerator
we noticed something.
CREAM had risen to the top!
And you know what cream is good for?

We used this little Ninja to help
churn our butter.
(when my kids were small, we put the cream in a jar and shook it, but that takes patience)
 We mixed and we mixed and we mixed
and finally we got a little dab of
And this is how little girls eat real butter.
I actually had biscuits ready to spread it onto,
but the girls like their butter plain!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Look Who Else Milked the Cow

When we got to the barn
Olivia was a little surprised at 
how big the cow was.
At first, she was a little 
intimidated by it's size.
So, Grace milked the cow first.
 It seemed safe enough.
 And Olivia thinks she can do
anything Grace can do.
So - she did indeed milk that cow!
 And the next morning, once the
cow's milk was chilled,
we had a taste test to see if the 
girls could tell fresh milk from
store bought milk - and BOTH girls
were able to tell the difference.
 When asked which they preferred,
Grace liked the store bought milk
and Olivia liked milk from the cow.
Grandpa pulled out his
Almond Milk for comparison, too.
So now, Grace likes Vanilla Almond Milk
and Olivia likes fresh milk from a cow.
I think that leaves Heather with a
bit of a shopping dilemma.
She found a dairy where she can buy
Olivia's milk, but it's in Gainsville.
I think we will be making a stop
on our way down.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, Olivia!

And when she was asked what she wanted
to do for her birthday, do you
know what she said?
She said she wanted to go milk a cow!
So, we called and e-mailed and called
some more and I finally found a 
family with a cow willing to share!
 Olivia got her wish!
She milked the cow and played
on the farm and totally enjoyed
the country! 
The cow's name is Buttercup!
She belongs to Paula Nunley and her
family.  Paula was gracious enough 
to allow us to milk her cow and
even sent us home with a jar of
real cow's milk - which Olivia loved!
I think Olivia could be a farm girl!
She's having her birthday party
Saturday at a ranch.

I hope your birthday is as special as you are!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bringing the Outdoors IN!

 Brilyn had so much fun
with the slide in the house.
 She climbed up.... slid down.... over and over
again. And then, she wanted a Tea Party!
 We HAD to make cookies (with an extra egg) so she could 
crack some eggs.
 I normally keep cupcakes in the freezer,
so I can put together a tea party with
very little notice, but we had to do
something with those eggs!
(Brilyn LOVES cracking eggs)
Once we got everything ready Brilyn had
a tea party on top of the climber. 
 She played some more and even watched
Tangled from the slide.
 And then she had another Tea Party
UNDER the climber.
Bringing that climber in
(and getting it clean enough to bring in)
was a lot of work - but hard work pays off!
Brilyn had a lot of fun and got more exercise
than she would have other wise.
I even caught her sharing! 
And look! She's sharing the frosting
not the cupcake!
That's the good part!
What a sweet girl. Looking back on it,
bringing the climber into the house
was totally worth the effort.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When Your Mouth Is Quicker Than Your Brain

Do you ever speak before you think?
Is your mouth ever quicker than your brain?
Mine was.
Brilyn wanted to play on the slide
but it was too cold.
Brilyn might have been okay,
but I had Asher to think about. 
But - Brilyn REALLY wanted to play
and Brilyn is a high energy kid who
NEEDS to play.
When I told her it was too cold
to play outside she wanted to bring 
the slide in and I said, "Okay!" before I realized 
that it wasn't a very good idea!
I realized QUICKLY what a mistake
I had made. I took the slide apart
and brought it in - piece by piece.
When a piece came in, it had to be washed!
ICE had to be dumped in the sink.
And as each piece was cleaned, I
reassembled it.
I could have changed my mind.
I could have told Brilyn it was just too much!
It was too much!
But - I said "Okay!" 
And children quickly learn who can be
trusted and who can not.
I was not going back on my word.
If I teach my grandchildren
nothing else I want them to know
that I love them and that they can
depend on me.
I want the example I set before them
to lead them to trust Jesus Christ
as their Lord and Savior someday, and I 
never want to hinder them in any way.
Keeping my promises is IMPORTANT!
And you know what.
Even though this was much more work than
I had anticipated, it was also much
more fun! I'll share more later!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February Family Birthday Party!

 February's Birthday's belong to
 Billy & Olivia!
Treasure Chest Cake
 So - how do you incorporate a party for
a grown young man and a little girl?
What would BOTH of them like?
 I decided on a Treasure Hunt Party
because Billy likes investing
in silver and gold.
And Olivia would have loved the 
treasure hunt I had planned.
(we were going to dig for gold nuggets in the sand box
but hunted them in the house instead - due to snow)

The nuggets could be traded in for prizes
from the Gold Exchange Basket!
 I used rustic decorations because 
Billy is a cowboy and
Olivia is a cowgirl, so they
have their love of horses in common!
 Olivia opened presents!
I think she loved them all!
Billy had opened his the day before.
We had a fun, fun birthday party.
All of the kids were there, so that makes
it extra special!

Monday, February 17, 2014

A New Gallery Wrap

 I simply love Gallery Wraps!
This one is gorgeous,
but the picture doesn't do it justice.
 Maybe you need a closer look!
This really is a beautiful piece of art!

Friday, February 14, 2014


 Happy Valentine's Day!
 I blogged earlier about the accordion
mini's that we did with pictures
of Grace and Olivia.
Now, I'm sharing the ones I did with
Brilyn and Asher.
 I THOUGHT Asher was too young for this.
I THOUGHT he was too little.
But, boy did he surprise me!
Look at those cute little faces. He really got into
this posing stuff.
He did amazingly well!
Accordion mini's make the cutest
valentine's ever!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Sweet Little Helper

 I made a birthday cake and let Brilyn
use the left over batter to make cupcakes.
 She even decorated them.
And she added cookie to make a sweet
little Tea Party treat!
 Doesn't it look beautiful?
She added all of these sprinkles herself.
And then decided to play outside in the
snow before having a Tea Party.
And it all went downhill from there.
She went out to play and I think the cold
air caused the fluid on her ear drum to
expand or something.
She was in immediate pain.
Then came fever.
Then came a trip to the ER
with a diagnosis of two ear infections.
The doctor seemed to think it was a 
good thing Brandy took her in.
If she had waited those eardrums
may have ruptured.
Poor thing. We didn't even get to have
her Tea Party.
Thankfully, she's better now. 
But, don't you just hate it when 
babies are sick?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


We had a SNOW DAY!!!!
Actually, we've had several.
But.... this time, there was enough
snow to really play in!
Brilyn loves getting a 
with DADDY!
Don't they look like they're having
fun? It's bitter cold out there
so I took pictures from the window.
That Brilyn is one tough kid.
The cold doesn't bother
her much at all.

Monday, February 10, 2014

We've Been Enjoying A Cold Winter

 It's been a cold snowy winter!
 We don't get a lot of snow in Oklahoma,
so this has been an interesting change.
And, I've enjoyed it.
I love the way a snowfall comes
in the night and forces 
us to slow down. Days normally
spent working get to be spent
at play. Normal life takes a back
seat and we see beauty all around us.
Don't you just love 
looking out at the snow?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pretty Little Valentines

I made these pretty little Valentine's Day
templates for accordion mini albums
of Grace and Olivia.
 I went with the Photo Booth theme
because silly pictures are much easier
to capture and I needed 10 pictures.
They are so, so sweet!
I've made a similar book using
pictures of Brilyn and Asher and
it should be arriving any day.
What sweet little Valentines!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our Little Cowboy

Some boys seem to be
born with their boots on!
They're 100% Cowboy!
And, I think our Weston might 
just be one of them.
Here he is in his Daddy's saddle
with a row of boots just waiting
to be filled.
His boots, Daddy's boots 
and Momma's boots, too.
Isn't he the cutest little cowboy, ever?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our Happy Boy!

This little guy is almost always HAPPY!
He's snuggly and sweet and loves
to be cuddled and loved on!
He's recently made friends with 
his little feet. He just loves playing
with them. So, I, of course
had to take a picture.
Isn't that just the cutest little thing?
Pure innocence!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Today is Billy's Birthday!
Billy is my middle son.
He's the tough guy in the family.
He's brave and daring and full 
of adventure!
 He's was always the kid who
kept me on my toes.
He was into EVERYTHING!
And he's recently became
a father!
I wonder if little Weston
will be as adventurous as his Daddy?
In some ways, I hope so...
Because... Billy was always FUN!
Our house was never boring
when he was a kid.
But, then again.... Billy was
a handful. So, in some ways
I hope Weston is a bit more calm.
Because a calmer child would
be much easier to raise!
AND he'd be much safer!
But then, safety might be over rated.
After all, Billy's tried every
daring stunt he's had the opportunity
to try and he's still alive.
That in itself is reason to
give glory to God!
He's protected this young man!
And He'll protect Weston, too!
No matter how adventurous he turns
out to be. 
God really is GOOD!
Happy Birthday, Billy!