Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Must See Slideshow

This is a must see slideshow!
I am a volunteer photographer with
an organization called
When babies don't make it, 
the hospital calls me and I go take
pictures so the families will
have high quality portraits of their child.
And - babies don't always make it.
If you have a healthy baby....
or two... or three.... BE THANKFUL!
Babies are gifts from God. 
They are the most precious gifts
you will ever receive. Treasure them
Take care of them. And guide their lives 
in such a way that they will choose
ta path of service to the Lord!

I recently did this session:
And I'm requesting your prayers for this
family. If you have the means to donate
to help them with a memorial service
for their precious daughter,
I ask that you do that, too. 
This is a family who really NEEDS help!
And it will be so appreciated.
The link to contribute is HERE
Feel free to share this on your own
blog also.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Summertime Tea Party

 These girls added something
special to this tea party!
There were snacks, and tea, and...
That landed on snacks and in tea!
And that's not exactly delicious!
Maybe BUBBLES belong

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Back Yard Camp Out..... Night #2

 We put the rain fly on the tent
to keep the cool wind out!
And Brilyn joined us for night #2!
We watched a movie and popcorn
and then we snuggled in and 
looked out at them moon.
And snuggled in and went to sleep.
 It was a beautiful moon!
It had long light rays coming out from
it that can't be seen in the picture,
and a rainbow looking halo around it.
I don't know much about moon's 
so if you know what kind of moon we
were watching, please comment.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fun In The Sun!

 Brilyn comes over often since she 
lives nearby. And she asks at least 
once a week, "Where's Olivia?"
(she THINKS Grace and Olivia should live here)
Then, when Grace and Olivia are here,
she plays mostly with Grace! 

 Here, Grace is catching her with my
floatie so she won't go under when
she hits the water!
 They do this over and over again!
 I just love the care free days of summer
and smiling children's faces!
And I love it that the girls all get along
so well and want to play together!
Just look at that face!
Oh, the joys of childhood!
I treasure these moments! These smiles!
These children that won't be children
long enough.
They simply grow up too soon!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Making Fire Starters!

 Another camp out activity we did was
make firestarters.
These are some of the BEST home made
fire starters we have ever tried.
To make them you collect cardboard
egg cartons.
 Stuff each hole with dryer lint!
Push the lint down tightly. Most kids
are pretty good at this part.
Then, once the little holes are full,
you melt paraffin wax and pour
it over the dryer lint.
As the lint absorbs some of the wax,
add more.
Allow to cool and then cut apart.
Each hole is one fire starter. 
Store in a ziplock baggie and use them
on camping trips to  get your campfire going.
Or - use them in your fireplace!
A baggie full would make a great addition
to your bug-out bag if you 
have one!
We tested ours out in the backyard
in our firepit, but we couldn't 
light a fire due to a burn ban.
Hopefully, we'll get enough rain that
the burn ban is lifted sometime this
summer and we can have a 

Monday, May 26, 2014

It's a Mud Pie Making Contest!

 Since we were having a backyard
camp out, I had planned some
camp activities for the girls!
 One of their favorites was a mud pie
making contest!
 They worked very hard on their mud pies!
Don't they just look lovely?

We had Uncle Deuce step outside
to judge them.
The pie on your left is Grace's
and it won:
1st Place for Most Creative Mud Pie
2nd Place for Best Mud Pie

The pie on your right is Olivia's
and it won:
1st Place for Best Mud Pie
2nd Place for Most Creative Mud Pie

However, Grace thinks the judge made
a mistake. Why? Because HE didn't even
taste the pies! How dare he!
Hers was the best and she's sure of it!
Why? Because it was the pie
that Abby and a little bug decided to eat.
And you know they wouldn't eat it
if it wasn't the best!

Olivia could care less who won.
She just had fun. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Mother's Day Gifts

While the girls were here, they
made Mother's Day gifts!
They painted flower pots.
I didn't get a picture of Olivia or Brilyn
because while they were painting I
was wiping up messes and had
paint on my hands.
But - Grace concentrated on each stroke
and spent quite a long time painting.
You can tell by the expression on her
face that she is putting her
best efforts into making that pot special!
 Weston was content with simple
And this is Grace's finished product.
It's almost as colorful as
her personality!
And it has pink and purple flowers
that she picked out herself. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Backyard Campout

 Grace loves camping and next time
we go, Olivia and Brilyn would
like to go, too!
So - we did a test run!
 In a new tent!
 This tent has a "doggy door" according
to the girls. It's really supposed to
be a closet door for "gear".
It was a kid door for us!
And a peep hole. I think it's the one
thing the girls liked best about this tent.
When we go camping for real we will
use our other tent, because it has more room
and I like a sleeping side, and a 
movie & snack side.
This keeps the sleeping side clean!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's POOL Time!!!!

The week before Mother's Day
we opened the pool!
It's still a little cool for some
people, but the girls and I like
it just fine!
 These pictures were taken
BEFORE Mother's Day!
And a smile that big tells
me that the water's ready!

Monday, May 19, 2014

A Favorite Meeting Place

When Heather needs me to
watch the girls - or,
I just need some Grandma time
with the girls,
Chuck E. Cheese is a favorite
place to meet.
 It's fun for the girls,
and this particular Chuck E. Cheese
in Grace's favorite!
 Why? Because it has the self
serve Cotton Candy machine!
And it's hard to resist self serve
Cotton Candy!

Friday, May 16, 2014

A Belated Mother's Day Post

I was busy with Grandchildren
the week before and right after
Mother's Day,
so there wasn't time for blogging.
But, I do hope that all of 
the wonderful women 
in the world, who love to be
called "Momma" had a great day!
Just before Mother's Day
I was keeping Grace and Olivia,
while Heather & Dustin attended
a Home School Book Fair!
Olivia and I were looking at all of the
new flowers in the garden and she
asked each of their names.
When we got to this one, I told her
it was "Heather".
Her eyes got big and her face lit up
as she tole me,
"Heather? My Momma's middle 
name is Heather!"
To which I replied, "Oh, really? What's
your Momma's name."
"Momma Heather McGriff!" came
Olivia's reply!
It was just so cute! She knows her
Mother's name is Heather, but to her,
that's just a middle name.
A name, not often used and of little
What's IMPORTANT is your 
first name.... your REAL name!
And Heather's real name is MOMMA,
to this little girl!
And Momma is the most important
name a woman can have!

Thank you, Olivia, for that reminder!
And thank you, Heather, for being 
There is nothing more you could
do to make me proud and happy! 


Monday, May 12, 2014

An Exodus of Life

Charlotte's eggs have finally hatched!
And we've been blessed with a nice
crop of garden spiders!
They are so, so tiny! I've taken their
picture with this penny for a 
size comparison. 
First with the penny in focus 
and again, with my focus on this
amazing new life!
As I type this, it is day #4 of
their journey! 
Just look at them making their 
way away from the egg sack
and into the world!
I'm fascinated just watching them!
Some have already begun to set up
housekeeping in the butterfly bush!
Just look at their precious
little webs!

And I realize that many people are
not fond of spiders.
But - even so - you have to admit
that they are fascinating!
And the intricate details that went
into their creation shouts
of the amazing skill of their Creator!
Yes - God paid attention to details
when creating even the smallest
of things.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Look Who's Back!

Do you remember our
humming birds from last year?
Well.... they're back!
And they've brought friends with them!
These pictures were taken with
my "play camera" so they're
really not that great,
but don't you just love hummingbirds?
It seems we have several more
this year than last year.
MAYBE because the garden's
around here are late getting started
this year, so they have to find
feeders if they want to eat?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Do Little BOYS Like To Tea Party?

The girls and I have so much
fun having Tea Parties!
BUT - what about the BOYS?
Do you think BOYS would like to join in?
 While Brilyn and I had a Tea Party
we sat Asher in a chair
and she served him a cupcake
and some tea!
He loved it!
And sitting in a pink chair
and spilling a pretty 
floral cup of tea didn't bother
him one bit!
It was good! Really good!
Hungry boys like Tea Parties!
And those cupcakes tasted
much better than whatever was
in that baby food jar!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You Never Know Where A Trail Might Lead

 Brilyn loves an adventure!
 So, one day we set off on a hike.
I had seen this trail once when I was 
on a photo shoot, but I never
knew where it lead.
So, Brilyn and I found out!
I was hoping it would go a little
further than it did.
And - I was hoping it would lead
to a deer sighting or two.
It did neither of those things.
(however, deer is a possibility - according to the signs)
But - the trail did lead to something interesting!
It lead to the under side of a train trestle. 
Which was a very interesting
place to explore!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Art Work And A Funny, Funny Story

Brilyn loves to paint, 
so I got out some colored card stock
and some paints and we painted.
 Here is Brilyn's picture!
And here is Asher's!

When Asher was finished painting,
I carried him to the sink to rinse
the paint off of his feet and
took my eyes off of Brilyn for
a moment.
When I looked back -
she was black!
I gasped... and said,
"Oh, Brilyn!"
And she responded with
a great big grin and asked,
"Does I look like Gabby, now?"

Gabby is our sweet little neighbor
girl. And Brilyn thinks she's 
And she is! I'm so glad that Brilyn
sees the beauty in people of
all colors.

Red and yellow, black and white.
They are precious in His sight.
Jesus loves the little children of the world!

Let's all be like Jesus 
and Brilyn and love others, too!

Friday, May 2, 2014


Easter 2014
 We had a nice Easter!
 The kids all had a few surprises
and then went out to hunt
Easter Eggs.
 Since the boys are so little
the girls found their eggs
and then hunted for them.
 It was a little cool.... and wet!
 But that can't stop an egg hunt!
 And it can't stop these little girls!
 We had plenty of eggs to go around
 and everyone got a bucket or basket full!
And while the parents were hiding the
eggs, I got to read a couple
of Easter Stories to the kids and
teach them the REAL
meaning of Easter!
One of my favorite Easter
Stories for kids is
So we read that and 
which tells the Easter Story
using a set of

All of these are great ways to share
the story of Easter
with little ones!