Saturday, May 30, 2015

Olivia's Yummy Dessert

 When we made the apple 
dessert at camp,
Olivia thought it should be cherry!
 So - I let her make a cherry one
at home. And - we served it
with ice cream!
We used the apple recipe and baked it
at 450 for about an hour.
I think that works much, much better!
It was soooooo good!
Now - if Olivia could just
come back to Grandma's and
make it again! 

Friday, May 29, 2015

A SUPER Delicious Dessert Recipe!!!!

 We made this delicious dessert
at camp. It was soooooo good!
 It was easy, too. I sort of just made it up
while trying to come up with something
the girls could actually do 
to earn their outdoor cooking award.
AND - I didn't get pictures of the
dessert at camp - so - we re-made
it at home.
 We dumped 2 cans of apple pie filling
in our dutch oven. Then - each girl added
one package of Maple and Brown
Sugar Oatmeal by sprinkling it on top.
Then we added 1 stick of butter cut 
in little slices.
 At camp we set it in the coals and
put more coals on top of the
oven and left it for awhile. (1 hr or so)
At home I put it in a 400 degree oven
for an hour or so.
And it was delicious!
It was much better at camp.
The edges caramelized and were
totally delicious!
You really should try it!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mister Lizard

 Brilyn arrived at camp before
Grace and Olivia.
 And since there were no girls to
play with.... she chased lizards.
There were plenty of them 
near our campsite.
She kept this one until
Grace and Olivia arrived to
show them.
And this is the face of a child
having to let a lizard go.
 Oh, how she would love to 
keep that thing.
But - hopefully we can pay it
a visit and camp again soon.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Olivia the Brave!

 All the girls enjoy a nice 
little fishing trip!
 But - Olivia is the only
one who will actually 
The others will touch it.
But they do not want
to hold it and they
do not want to throw it
back into the water!
 But - Olivia is BRAVE!
She will touch it.... hold it...
toss it back and watch it 
swim away!
No matter how
little it might be!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Look Who Caught A Frog!

Grace caught a frog!
 There is nothing quite as funny
as watching a kid try to
catch a frog. It's really pretty cute. 
And I love it that all of our grand kids 
seem to love the outdoors - and nature!
We had so much fun camping!
I am looking forward to going again.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Brilyn's First Dance Recital

Brilyn had her First
Dance Recital this past
weekend and she did 
Just look at that confidence!
 She really looked like
she was having fun, too!
 Isn't she just precious?
 We totally enjoyed watching
her perform! The pictures above
are from her tap routine
and I think her personality came
out more with that dance.
But - she did a ballet routine, too.
And she was amazing in it, too!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Blessed in Oklahoma

We've been having
LOTS and LOTS of stormy weather! 
There have been reports of
tornadoes and tornado damage
and our facebook news feed 
was filled with pictures like THIS:

While our own photos look like this:
 Grace wanted to see a real tornado.
So, Uncle Deuce, who has done some storm
chasing showed her tornado videos
on his phone. When she saw the fierce
storms, her reply was,
"It's a good thing you're here. So, if a 
tornado does come, you can just chase it away!"

Wow! That's confidence!
I think this one story sort of
describes the faith of a child.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Relaxing Around The Campfire

The girls and I do
Keepers of the Faith
and we went camping last week
and worked on Keeper's Awards.
We had a great time
and I think they all learned
a few things....
and we had a little company!

While relaxing around the campfire
and making S'more's
a buffalo stopped by for a visit!
He looks small here, but he looked
much bigger as he approached 
our campsite.
So.... what do you do when a
buffalo becomes an 
uninvited guest!
 Run for it!
Jump in the car!
I think this was a campfire
the girls will not soon forget!
And - according to our neighbors
at the campsite next to ours 
the buffalo was in our campsite
in the middle of the night....
Just 3 feet from our tent!
They followed him, with their
flashlights and all and 
we slept right through it! 
Yes - we were that worn out!
It seems you sleep so much
better when you're
good and tired!