Friday, August 29, 2014

Someone Put The Bounce House In The Pool!

SOMEONE put the Bounce House
It just barely fits - but Grace loved it!
She went from the pool slide
to the climbing wall to climb in.
Then down the first slide to
the bouncer.
 Then she crawled through the exit.
And slid right into the pool!

It was Grandpa's idea!
And it turned out to be a good one.
Because now - Grace will go down
my pool slide without a 
floatie and without anyone 
having to catch her.
This slightly smaller slide
gave her the confidence to try it!

We will probably try this again another day!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Olivia Reciting the 100th Psalm

Olivia knows the
100th Psalm well. 
Really well.
But - when she was reciting it,
Grace came in singing and
distracted her.
And - I was recording with my
phone and the video was too long
to e-mail so the last little
bit is cut off.
But, how sweet is this!
A Three Year Old
Memorizing God's Word!
This is an education.
There is nothing better that she
could be learning.
If you have kids and grandkids,
I encourage you to teach them
God's Word!
They CAN learn it.
They NEED to KNOW it!
We live in dangerous times and 
there could come a day when our
religious freedoms are taken aways
along with our Bibles. 
Raise your children to do well
in eternity - not just in life.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Royal Tea Party

 We went to the Bakery Emporium 
for a Tea Party and we
sat in this banquet room.
 Each of the girls got to choose two
things from the display case
for the tea party.
Grace served the tea.
 And Olivia drank her tea while sticking
her pinky finger out - just like a
real princess!
 And - the Bakery Emporium was set
up for open mike night, which was to take
place that evening. So - the girls took
turns singing songs into an 
imaginary microphone!
And Grace recited the 100th Psalm!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Asher's Cake Smash Session

Asher's little Cake Smash
outfit did not come in until 
AFTER his birthday!
His Momma ordered it well
before his birthday, and the lady
who made it said she shipped it
well before his birthday -
but what she actually did was
package it for shipping and purchase
postage and delivery confirmation
online. She did not give it to the 
mailman or take it to the post 
office, so it sat at her house
when it was supposed to be at 
his party!
 So - these pictures are a bit late!
 But - some things are worth the wait.
All this cuteness is worth 
waiting for!
Isn't Asher a handsome little guy?

Friday, August 22, 2014

AUGUST Birthday Party

During the month of August,
we only have one Birthday
to Celebrate!
(at the time of this post)
And that's ASHER'S!
And since Asher is such a Happy Boy,
I thought a Vintage Carnival would
be fun!
 So - I put together some games
  And got some ducks for a little duck pond!
And got some prizes ready for all of
my little winners!
And we had a PARTY!

I had a cute little hot dog stand set up,
but didn't take pictures.
And we had gourmet cupcakes
for desert! Brilyn helped me
bake them, so you know they were good!
Then, Asher opened his presents!
 There weren't many because most people
gave him his presents at his other
birthday party the week before.
But - he got a new wagon and a
drum set!
And I think that drum set
was a big hit!
This kid was born to drum!
Doesn't he look like he's
ready to rock-n-roll?