Monday, June 23, 2014

Brilyn Makes a Barbie Boat!

 Brilyn likes to make things with her
lego, now. Real things. Not just
towers to be knocked over.
 She wanted to make Barbie 
a boat. Our first effort failed as the 
boat sunk. So, we made a new boat
around a little ball - which served
as a floatation device.
 Barbie looks pretty happy with 
this one!
But, it's really Brilyn's opinion 
that matters the most!
And Brilyn looks pretty happy
with this version, too.
She played with it in the tub
for the longest time.
Don't you just love it when kids
are creative?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Our Water Baby!

 Asher LOVES the water!
 And he can maneuver his way 
around the pool!
 His body mass is mostly muscle,
so he doesn't float very well.
BUT - I've turned him loose a time
or two and he does swim
And he LOVES splashing people!
Especially if it makes them scream. So,
take this as a warning. If you don't
want to get wet, stay away 
from Asher when he's in
the pool!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Tea Party I Missed Out On

Grace had Poison Ivy 
while she was here, and while
I had taken her to the doctor
and gotten her medicine,
I thought it would be best
not to take her to our baseball shoot.
(heat might irritate it and she LOOKED contagious)
 So - Brandy came by and baby sat.
 She brought dress up clothes and
allowed the girls to get dressed
up and have a tea party!
 Don't they look adorable?
I have a feeling that they had
more fun than I did!
Grace and Olivia love their
Aunt Brandy and Aunt Brandy
loves them!
I'm so happy to have a family
that gets along and enjoys
spending time together!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

All Good Things Come From Above

Not long ago when I met
Heather in Wichita Falls to get
the girls, Grace and I noticed that
there are no flowers there.
There were no flowers in the 
garden section of Walmart.
No flowers at Lowe's.

Then last time the girls were
here and it was time for them to go
home, I met Heather in Nacona
for lunch. I came back through
Wichita Falls and ran to
ToysRUs to look for 
Asher a new floatie.
And there were signs like this
BIG Signs in front of Businesses.
Small signs in private yards. 
There are no flowers, because they
are not allowed to water.
Pools are closed. No water.
It's illegal to use a wading pool. 
The pools on 
Sheppard Air Force Base
are closed.
They are recycling waste water
in order to have enough water to
bathe and to drink.
That's a serious drought. 
We've been in a drought, here, too.
But we are allowed to water every other
day and to fill our swimming pools.
Things in Wichita Falls look BAD!
But - I have a feeling they'll be
okay. I think God will 
send a few showers and I think 
they will pull through.
Do you know why?
They know that God is their provider.
HE is the source.
HE is the one who has control
over rain and drought.
And in their time of need
they are turning to HIM!
I loved seeing those signs.
Don't get me wrong, I don't love the 
fact that they are desperate for rain,
or that they are going through 
tough times.
I just love the fact that they
know where to turn.
The signs were and encouragement to me.
I'm happy to know that our neighbors
to the south look to God
to supply their need.
Anyway want to join me
in praying for rain?
May God pour out just the right
amount of rain to replenish 
the water supply in the southern states.
Especially Wichita Falls, Texas!
"My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:19


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brilyn's Pet Turtle

Brilyn has been wanting a pet
turtle for quite some time.
So - I've been keeping my eye's 
out and looking for one.
A friend posted that her dog had found
one on facebook and she was 
looking for it a good home!
 So - I asked if we could have it
for Brilyn! 
And - since Brilyn as on vacation
at the time, I picked it up and 
got it all acquainted with it's new home!
 Brilyn's Daddy, Andrew, had a pet
turtle when he was a teenage
and took it to his first apartment
and first him - so he knows
all about them. And he can 
teach Brilyn how to care for it.
She's learning to be gentle!
And - I think she's doing a pretty
good job!
Aren't her and Squirt cute together?

Monday, June 16, 2014


I took Grace and Olivia 
fishing one day,
and I forgot my camera!
So - here is a picture and a
video I took with my phone!
Grace has learned to cast and reel
like a pro, so her hook was not in
the water long enough for
anything to bite,
but Olivia, caught two fish!
And once I got them off the 
hook, she threw them back
into the water 
all by herself!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Gracie can SWIM!!!!!!!

Just look at this!
We have a SWIMMER!
She's almost gotten it down towards
the end of summer, each year.
But - now she's swimming at the
beginning of summer,
so she will most likely be a
swimmer for life!
Isn't that WONDERFUL!!!!!!
I so love it when children
can swim.
Now, if she were to accidentally
fall into a pool or a body of
water, she could most likely
make it to the edge and 
pull herself out.
But - since she no longer
wears a floatie, we also must
keep a sharp eye on her.
Of course, we were doing that anyway!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More From the Garold Wayne Zoo

After Playing with the Taliger,
we were taken on a behind the scenes 
tour of the zoo.
The park has approx. 185 big cats,
but there are other animals, too. 
Before we went, we had read online 
that the fences were 'sketchy' and some
considered the zoo somewhat unsafe.
We found the fences to be solid, 
but there was not much of a barrier
between the fences and the sidewalks,
so guest could easily stick their fingers 
into the cages if they wished.
This is one area, that did have a barrier,
but as you can see - Alyssa was able
to reach out and play with the baby
bear anyway.
 Everyone in our group was smart enough
not to stick their hand into this
fellow's cage!
 We were encouraged to touch
the camel, though.
 He was very friendly!
 He even gave some of us, kisses!

I'm not so sure Alyssa likes his kisses!
 And I'm not sure how Andrew feels 
about this - but that camel is SMILING!
 This lion resides at the zoo owner's 
house. He's in a fenced yard and 
he loves attention.
 He rubbed up against the fence begging
to be petted. I think it would have
been perfectly safe to pet him, too.
BUT - we had told the children to keep
their hands away from the fences, so
we had to set an example and
keep our own hands away as well.
BUT - That big lion shares a yard with
two little weenie dogs. 
If you'll look under that slanted roof
where the lion lays you will see 
one of them. The dogs and the lion
were raised together and have 
remained friends.
I think that HUGE lion is just
one big baby kitty!
And you can see above just how close
we were to him.
At this zoo, the animals looked
well fed, and happy. Cages were clean
and secure. It should be perfectly safe
to visit and enjoy. Just use some 
common sense and keep your hands
out of the cages.
AND - If you take children, supervise them.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Coolest Zoo, Ever!

While the girls were here, earlier in the
month we went to 
in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.
 Brilyn, Asher and Weston went, too!
 This is a very hands-on zoo!
We all got to play with a baby taliger!
(half tiger and half liger {lion-tiger mix})
 The Taliger's name was Alisa and it
loved Olivia!
It actually, loved Olivia's frilly dress.
It would chase her and bite it and the
wildlife attendant would often have to
pull it away. The cub was gentle andwas never
really a threat to Olivia - only her dress.
 I played with the Taliger, too, but for 
the most part, I was happy to take pictures
and let the kids play. After all,
what kid can say they've actually played
with a baby taliger?
 Asher & the Taliger
 Weston & the Taliger
 The taliger, Alisa, by herself!
Grace & the taliger.
Grace probably enjoyed this as much
as anyone. I think she played with the
little cub the most. 
And I'll share more about this
hands on zoo later.
There is just too much to share
in only one post.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Home School Picnic

 While we were in Texas we 
had the opportunity to join in on
a Home School Picnic!
 Several Families from the Frisco HIS
Home School Group came together
to have some fun!
 There were games!
 And face painting!
 But it was mostly about fellowship!
It is neat seeing that there are
lots of other home schoolers
out there!
 The girls had a good time.
And the weather was perfect!
I am so grateful that 
Heather and Dustin have made
the decision to home school these two!

HOME really should be a child's
Happy Place!
And home schooling is a natural
choice for families
who are diligent about raising
children for eternity -
rather than just the short
life we spend on this earth!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Grace's Gymnastics Expo

 Grace did GREAT at the 
Gymnastics Exp!
 She was brave and strong
and performed in front of a great 
big crowd with a smile
on her face!
 She looked like she was having 
a good time, too!
 I am so proud of her!
 This was not a competition. It was just
an opportunity for young
gymnast to demonstrate their skills.
BUT - Grace is a champion,
to me, regardless.
She overcame the stage fright
she experienced at the last 
show and did an amazing job!