Monday, September 30, 2013

Feeding the Giraffes at the OKC Zoo

While we were at the zoo
we got to feed the giraffes. Grace
was able to do it all by herself.
 Brilyn needed a boost! But - once she
was lifted up, she could feed the
giraffe all by herself, too.
 I think both girls enjoyed
helping care for the animals.
 There were no lines, so once we went
through the two plates of lettuce
I bought, Andrew bought more
so Brilyn could feed the giraffes again.
 The zoo keeper that was stationed at this
attraction told us a lot of things
about giraffes. For instance - those little
bumps on their horns are bigger and
more frequent in male giraffes than in females.
And - they make the males more attractive
to the females.
The giraffe the girls were feeding was a male.
This one is a female.... and together they have
a baby that was in the giraffe yard
behind them. It didn't come up to eat.
I wonder if maybe it's neck isn't long enough to
reach over the fence just yet?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Very Hands-On Day At The Zoo

While Grace was here we went
to the zoo!
Brandy, Andrew, Brilyn
& Asher went, too!
It was a nice, overcast day
and rain was predicted, so the zoo
wasn't crowded at all.
Grace & Brilyn had lots of fun
and got to do a lot of
hands-on activities.
 We started out feeding the Lorikeets.
 In the past this has been a favorite exhibit
of mine because it's so hand-on and fun
for the kids. Now, the OKC Zoo
has added other features, but the Lorikeets
are still some of my favorites.

After feeding the Lorikeets, we went to the
Children's Petting Zoo.
Grace really enjoyed the goats
and I think they liked her, too!
It'll take a few days to cover all of the
hands on activities,  so look
for more on my next blog post. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tea Party In The Forest

Gracie and I went camping last week
and while we camping we
had a little tea party.
Right there in the forest!
Doesn't Grace look like a sweet
little fairy tale princess?


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tea Time with Brilyn!

 Brilyn loves a Tea Party!
She picked out a pretty dress and hat,
so I thought it might be nice to
use a special tea set.
 I filled the tea pot with Raspberry Tea
and set out treats!
 Brilyn served the treats.
She can be such a perfect little
lady when she wants to be.
We had a wonderful time!
But, Brilyn didn't drink much tea.
I think this tea set is a
little bit big for her little hands.
We'll probably go back to
the little cups next time.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Brilyn And The Fish!

 Brilyn asked to go fishing again!
 Sooooo..... off we went!
She struggled with her pole!
She had a fish and it was trying to yank
that pole right out of her hands!
Poor Brilyn!
Brilyn.... Brilyn.... Do you want to
see your fish?
Brilyn took one quick look at that
mean ole fish and ran away!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Heart4Hearts Doll Giveaway Reminder!

Do you have girls?
If so, I've found the perfect Christmas gift!
They're cute.... they're inexpensive....
and they're character building!
They're the

Each doll has a diary you can read
 on line. Most of the diaries include
prayers and show how God
moves to answer them.
Some only contain stories about how
the girl did something to help
improve the living conditions of herself,
her family or others.
But - the stories could be used to teach
Geography. Missions. Perseverance.
Religious Differences.
(The Christmas Celebrations are different in different cultures and religions)
And MORE. Use your imagination!
PLUS - a portion of the dolls
purchase price goes to help feed, clothe
and educate girls in the country of her origin.
(through World Vision)
And the dolls are not expensive at all.
For my girls, I am choosing the dolls
whose diaries I like best.
The dolls above all mention God
and honor God in their diaries.
To enter see the original post here.

Feeding Sting Rays and Learning About Sharks

 There is a new exhibit this year at
the OKC Zoo.
 It's a Sting Ray pool.
 Children are allowed to pet the
sting rays and feed them.
 Grace loved it!
 She the sting ray grabbing a piece of
shrimp out of her hands?
She was holding the food wrong, so only
the more aggressive sting rays
would come up and eat it, so the
zoo keeper at this exhibit helped her.
 You're supposed to hold your hand flat
with the food between your fingers.
Holding the food this way allows you to
catch it should a sting ray knock it loose
and not eat it.
 And when a sting ray eats it, he just swims
by and sucks it out of your hand.
Grace wanted to touch and feed the
shark, too.... but the sharks were in the
"no touch" zone.
The zookeeper could see that Grace was
a little disappointed so she allowed
her to touch a shark egg.
If you hold the eggs up so that the light
can shine through it, you can see
that is has an embryo incubating
inside of it.

 Grace thought that was pretty cool.
She didn't think too many people have
had the chance to hold and touch
a shark egg.
Here is the egg's Momma!
And - I'll post more on the zoo tomorrow.
Grace's favorite exhibit is
coming up!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Little Drummer Boy!

Asher is such a good baby!
Just look at him!
He's doing just what we've asked him
to do, although from the look
on his face, I think he thinks it's
kind of silly!
Hopefully, he'll love this
picture someday!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weeee.....Weeeee..... Look at ME!

 Brilyn is getting to be such a BIG GIRL!
 Just look at her!
She's so happy and carefree!
And those slides are REALLY BIG!
Even though they don't look big in the photos.
It's amazing how much she can do

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Brilyn at Chuck E. Cheese's

 Brilyn stayed with me one day
while her Momma and Asher
went to work with her Daddy.
So.... we went to Chuck E. Cheese's.
 She played LOTS of games and
won LOTS of tickets. But this push up
was her really BIG WIN!
It was hilarious!
She wanted a push up and showed me
the machine, so I put the money in
we pushed a couple of buttons and
a robotic arm picked up her push up
and dropped it into the slot for us
to reach in and grab.
Then Brilyn shouted,
(Now I know I'm a winner anytime I get something from a vending machine. LOL)
 She can now count her own tickets
with this machine!
 And she can give Chuck E. Cheese
a handshake.
(a few weeks ago this was too much.... but then, if I saw a rat 5 times my
size I'd probably be afraid, too)
And she can shop!
She chose a cute little Webkins Pet Carrier
for a prize because she loves
pretty purses!
We had lots of fun and I'd
sure we'll be going back for more!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Brilyn Shares A Recipe

Brilyn has a recipe to share today!
(AKA Roasted Marshmallows)
First - you stick a marshmallow
on the end of a stick.
A green stick works best.
 Then - you hold your marshmallow
over and open fire!
Cook it until it's just right!
Then eat it!
Yum! Yum!
She's so cute giving these instructions
in person! She knows all
about cooking marshmallows!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So..... I'm sure you were
wondering what Asher was
up to while Brilyn was fishing.
He was snoozing!
Yep.... he was! He was right out
there with us soaking up
some good old vitamin D.
Now.... we might be able to make
a fisherman out of him!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Brilyn Goes Fishing!

 Brilyn has been asking to
go fishing,
so we went.
I'm not so sure she knew
what to think about those worms!
She wasn't about to touch one.
But she did hold her
little fish!
She held on to him so we
could get a picture.
And then he moved!
And when he did it scared her,
so she threw the poor little thing.
I'm not so sure we're going
to make a fisherman out
of this kid!
Nope.... it might not be her thing.
She'd much rather go shopping!