Friday, November 30, 2012

The Easter Bunny Stopped By

Would you just look at that!
The Easter Bunny stopped in
for Christmas Pictures,
so I just had to share.
How cute is that?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Santa Claus Stopped by for a Tea Party!

 Santa Claus stopped by a little
early this year!
 He wanted to make sure each of
these little ones were being good
and to have some one on one time with
them before the Holiday Rush!
 He helped Gracie serve up some
tea and cookies!
 Yummy! Who doesn't like
Christmas Cookies?
 And each of the girls got a chance to do
pictures with Santa!
 They went for Razor Rides!
Unloaded gifts...
And opened presents!
 And it took every bit of that for Grace
and Olivia to warm up to Santa!
 Brilyn, on the other hand
was won right over with a piece of chocolate!
My how that girl loves chocolate!
 For Olivia, Santa has to work just a
little bit harder to get on
her "nice" list!
Give me a present!
Now..... that's NICE!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SOMEONE Needs Their Hair Fixed!

Needs their hair fixed!
They really do!
Just look at it!
 It's a MESS!
There, now.....
That's better!
Thank you, Brilyn!
You've been a big help!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Playing in the leaves!

 Isn't Brilyn cute playing in the leaves?
 She is such a sweet and happy
little thing!
She is just full of personality!

Friday, November 23, 2012

New Christmas Ornaments

One of my favorite things about being
a photographer is getting
cute little photographic products
at wholesale prices!
You just can't have too many pictures!
And aren't these cute!
They are new photo ornaments
of Grace, Olivia and Brilyn!
My tree just wouldn't be complete
without them.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dynamo Gymnastics' Play Place

 I had to make a run to Oklahoma City
to pick up a roll of background paper for a
commercial photo shoot and Brnady
and Brilyn came along.
We wanted to do something
fun while we were there, so
Brandy asked Siri for things to
do in Oklahoma City with toddlers!
 Brilyn answered, "Play!" from the
backseat! But, we followed
Siri's advice and ended up at
Dynamo Gymnastic's Play Place!
 It's a huge indoor playground!
And Brilyn had a good time!
She is such a bundle of energy,
she always has a good time!
And this playground would be a
great place to spend a cold or rainy day!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Puppy Love

 Brilyn loves Abby! She always has!
She loves her so much so that Abby
was her first word and she said
it when she was just
four months old.
(she says it twice here, with an emphasis on the "eee" because she
was calling Abby, "aaaa" until I started telling her it
was AaaaBeeee. Then she started over
emphasizing the "beeeee"... She also spoke much more
clearly when no camera was involved)
She loves her so much, she is sharing
her favorite blanket!
Because she knows Abby is tired and
she needs a nap!
Dogs like naps!
Toddlers don't!

But sometimes when they are really
tired and they've snuggled long enough
they do fall asleep.
Now - Abby gets to lay still and
quiet for a long time...
so her sweet baby girl
can get some rest!
What a good dog!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Andrew!

 Andrew is my youngest and today is
his birthday!
So, Happy Birthday, Andrew!
 Andrew is sweet and sensitive. He's funny
and smart! And very, very talented!
He's probably the most unique person
I've ever known! And he's always had a
knack for making money!
At 20 months of age he memorized
the 23rd Psalm and whenever
someone would want to hear him say it
he held his hand out for a dollar.
At seven years of age he skated around the
neighborhood on trash days to find things
he could recycle and sell.
At eleven he was tying balloon animals
for tips in the local Chili's
At 13 he was painting and pinstriping
cars and motorcycles in the back of
a local motorcycle shop.
At 16 he opened his own shop
-all by himself-
and I remembered being shocked that
someone would actually rent him
a building.
His website is still up:
He's now grown and married and has
a smart little girl of his own.
He's Brilyn's Daddy!
And I'm so proud of the husband and father
he has become. He loves his family.
And to me - loving your family is
what makes a man an honorable man!
Now he's using his talents to decorate
people. He's a tattoo artist.
And he's recently bought his own shop.
Go see him.... comment and say hello
He's got a blog at

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Brilyn Reading to Olivia

Brilyn loves little
touch and feel books!
We've read this one over
and over again!
Now - she's reading to Olivia!
It is so cute watching her take
care of her baby cousin.
Olivia is just one month
younger, yet Brilyn thinks
she's a baby and looks out
for her.
And no... Brilyn can't really
read. She just points to
things and names them
and encourages Olivia to
feel the "touch and feel"

Somebody's Getting BIG!

 While the girls were here we spent
a lot of time outside.
So - I used that time to clean out
the trampoline.
It was full of balls
(which were machine washed with bleach - thank God for front loaders)
and pool toys!
(the trampoline is great for storing them. They don't blow away and it allows them to dry)
 But now that pool season is over, the
trampoline is back in use!
And somebody is really good at using it!
Go, Olivia, Go!
Jump, Jump, Jump!
She is having so much fun!
What a BIG girl!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Great Big Building Blocks

 Gracie is building something for the
babies to knock down!
Yep! She's hard at work.
 It really looks like she's building
a wall..... or a levy.... to keep the babies back
 but she's figured out that nothing you build is
going to last with babies around!
So now the challenge is to see how big
you can build something before they knock it down!
And don't you just love these blocks?
My friend BJ over at
recomended them to me
and I ordered them right away
for the girls to play with.
They come in girly pastel colors
as well, but I ordered the primary since
they're more gender neutral.
There will someday be more grandbabies
to share them with....
and who knows,
some of them might be BOYS!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Flying A Kite!!!

 Gracie likes to fly kites!
 She can now manage a kit pretty
much all by herself.
 This kite was especially easy to fly.
It's inflatable! And - it actually lasted
for two or three outings before
developing a leak.
 Look at Gracie holding on tight!
Her kite is way, way up in the blue sky!
What fun!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Dinner and a Movie

 Heather pre-ordered the new Tinkerbell
movie and the girls watched it the day
it came out.
We orderd pizza... and
Grace and Olivia sat
quitely through the whole movie.
Brilyn doesn't sit still and she's not
into watching movies, so she ate
her pizza and then she was on the go!
But, I think all three girls had fun!
And Grace especially loved the show!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Olivia In The Ball Pit

 Look whose having a good time!
 It's Olivia!
 She's chunking balls at Grace!
 Grace had better look out!
Olivia is going to get her!
I don't think Grace is bothered by those
balls the least little bit.