Wednesday, December 10, 2014


We ran to Wichita Falls to meet
Heather and the girls at 
Chuck E Cheese's
to celebrate Grace's Birthday.
We had planned to have a family birthday
party this coming Sunday - but,
because Dustin had to work the Friday
after Thanksgiving and they ended
up staying home - they will be going
to visit their other grandparents
next weekend - so they can spend time
here and not on the road 
on Christmas!
But - Grandpa and I 
and Brilyn and Asher and Brandy
and Andrew were all able to
go to Chuck E Cheese.
So Grace had a nice little party!
(hopefully, they can celebrate again in Mo.)
And - she got something she has wanted
for a long, long time!
Look at the excitement on that face!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Birthday, Weston!!!!!!

Can you believe this sweet
little boy is ONE!
 TODAY is his birthday,
but we celebrated Sunday!
His Daddy is working out
of town and couldn't be here
today - and will be working
next weekend, so he
got his gifts a little early.
I think he was happy about that!
Now - some grown ups in his life
might be getting a little more
exercise, helping him play with
his toys! He seems to need
a wagon ride!