Saturday, August 31, 2013

BLOG GIVEAWAY...... A PERFECT Christmas Gift for Girls!

Do you have girls?
If so, I've found the perfect Christmas gift!
They're cute.... they're inexpensive....
and they're character building!
They're the

Each doll has a diary you can read
 on line. Most of the diaries include
prayers and show how God
moves to answer them.
Some only contain stories about how
the girl did something to help
improve the living conditions of herself,
her family or others.
But - the stories could be used to teach
Geography. Missions. Perseverance.
Religious Differences.
(The Christmas Celebrations are different in different cultures and religions)
And MORE. Use your imagination!
PLUS - a portion of the dolls
purchase price goes to help feed, clothe
and educate girls in the country of her origin.
(through World Vision)
And the dolls are not expensive at all.
For my girls, I am choosing the dolls
whose diaries I like best.
The dolls above all mention God
and honor God in their diaries.
I originally planned on getting one for
Christmas for the older girls,
but then decided I wanted
Brilyn and Olivia to have one, too.
They are really a little young, but
I'm not guaranteed another Christmas,
so I'll go ahead and give it to them now.
I am including with the doll a little
journal, so the girls can jot down
things they are thankful for, and a nice pen.
And a letter explaining why I chose this gift
and what makes it special.
I like the concept behind these dolls so
much that I'm offering one as a
Blog Give Away.
To enter follow this blog and comment on this post!
For an additional entries
comment on my blog daily. One comment
per post - each comment is an entry.
For a third entry, share this on facebook
and comment that you shared.
For a fourth entry share this blog post
on your own blog if you have one.
And for a fifth entry,
e-mail me requesting a letter to accompany
the doll when you give it to your own
daughter or grand daughter.
I'll put the entries in a jar and have a
grand kid draw a name on
September 30th
and announce the winner
on October 1st!
And just for clarification, I am not being
paid by Hearts 4 Hearts Girls
or World Vision to promote their dolls.
I simply feel led to share.
 I'm sure I'm not the only one interested
in giving a CHRIST-mas Gift that
encourages a little girl to
have a relationship with CHRIST!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Weaving A Web

I am totally no good at video,
but it is interesting to watch
Charlotte weave her web.
If you look closely you can see the
web coming out of her body.
Once it's out, she uses it to wrap
up her prey....
or to wrap up her sack lunch
as Gracie would say!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Meet Charlotte!

Meet Charlotte!
Charlotte is our pet garden spider.
She's a Wasp Spider.
She is not poisonous and wasp
spiders rarely bite.
 And they're fun to watch!
They're also very educational.
 Here is a close up view!
 Wasp Spiders normally make an egg
sac in August and Charlotte
has already made hers.
 These are two of Charlotte's friends!
What are they doing?
Looking for grasshoppers and bugs.
 Why? To feed Charlotte, of course!
Once they catch a grasshopper,
Grace picks it's back legs off so it can't
get away and we place it on the web.
Then Charlotte spins a web around
it and wraps it all up,
making a sack lunch! She'll come back
when she is hungry and gobble
it up. Charlotte has been in the garden
since May and the girls have become
quite fond of watching her.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

At The River

Grandpa took the girls for a
Razor Ride
and where did they end up?
 And what are they doing?
 Catching FISH!
Oh, Look! Olivia has one, too!

And if you get a chance to ask
Olivia about her fish
she'll be happy to tell you,
"Me caught  a fish... ON MY OWN!"
Olivia is very independent and
loves doing things on her own.
I think she thinks she's as big as Grace!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tea Party with Friends!

 After our Pool Party
we had a
The girls had a great time!
(Pictured left to right - Grace, Kodi, Caelie, Kayli and Olivia)
We had delicious cookies and treats!
And BEAUTIFUL Cupcakes!
Kayli and Olivia loved the puppet show
provided by Kodi and Caelie!
The puppet show was
pretty cute!
This is Kodi - the talented Puppeteer!
And doesn't Olivia look sweet here?
She's such a delicate looking
little thing.
But - looks are deceiving. She's actually
a pretty tough and adventurous kid!
And I was so proud of Grace at our
little tea party.
We have been working hard on manners
and serving others before you serve yourself
is a REALLY difficult skill for little
ones to grasp.
Yet - Grace did it!
She also let others choose their
chair FIRST. And Kodi chose her
favorite chair. But - she did not try to
take it away. Then - Caelie chose her
second favorite chair. She did not try to
take it, either.
Then the little girls sat down and we
were all out of chairs.
Oh, no!
(We had only set places for 4 and Caelie dropped in and surprised us)
Where is Gracie supposed to sit?
I went upstairs and pulled another chair
from the studio!
But - I am very proud that Grace
was willing to give up her favorite
seat for a friend!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Art Party - Pool Party - Tea Party Time!

While Grace and Olivia were here,
we planned an Art Party,
Pool Party and Tea Party!
It was a combined party and a
full day of fun!
My friend Jacki brought her girls
over and we all had a great time!
 Look at Kayli concentrating
on her painting!
 Grace is pretty focused on her
painting, too!
 She plans to be an artist!
 Olivia is painting a
Monkey in a Tree!
(if you look closely, you can even tell what it is)
We painted first and then had
a pool party! The plan was for any
paint left on children to come off
during swim time.
After swimming we had a tea party
followed by more art!
We made cute foam critter puppets!
I didn't manage to snap many pictures
of the pool party, but I did get this one
of Kodi!
Doesn't she look like she's
having a blast?
I'll post the Tea Party Pictures tomorrow!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Grace & Olivia meet Asher!

Grace and Olivia were really
excited to meet their new cousin!
I think it was love at first sight.
Or actually, I think they
were already in love before
they even laid eyes on him!
 Grace and Asher!
Olivia and Asher!
Both girls were sweet, loving and gentle!
Having a baby cousin is probably going
to be lots of fun!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big Sister Brilyn!

I am so proud of Brilyn!
She is an amazing Big Sister!
She hasn't has the slightest
hint of jealousy.
She's protective of her little brother.
And - she's been a trooper at
going to the potty
when she needs to.
Many children regress when
a younger sibling is born,
but Brilyn has been doing GREAT!
She loves her baby brother,
so much!
Can't you just see the love?
We are so blessed to have these
two in our lives and
to have them close by so
we can enjoy them often!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Asher has been nothing but
a blessing!
His name means
Blessed and Happy
and it fits him perfectly!
He's snuggly and sweet
and I think that is a blessing
in itself. We're really enjoying him!
And isn't he just about
the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Little Tea Party Just For Brilyn!

 While her Momma was in the hospital
after having Asher, Brilyn needed
a little break.
 So, I brought her to my house for a
nap, a bath and a tea party.
(this gave Momma a chance to rest, too)
 But - since had been spending so much
time at the hospital, we had been eating
a lot of quick snacks.
So, I tried to make our tea party a
little bit healthy!
I opened a lunchable and arranged it on
a plate!
 I put fruit in the top portion of
our favorite server.
(This server belonged to my mother in law who passed away just before
Grace was born. Using it often keeps her memory
alive. She would have LOVED these tea parties)
 Brilyn  went for the cheese first!
She actually ate ALL of the cheese
and most of the meat.
She ate a good portion of fruit.
And she licked the frosting off a couple
of cupcakes!
I try to keep these ready made cupcakes
in my freezer at all times.
After all, you never know when
someone might want to party!

Monday, August 19, 2013

What Did Brilyn Find?

What is it?
What has Brilyn found in the
Butterfly Garden?
Brilyn loves little bugs and birds
and butterflies.
She actually loves just about
all living creatures!
And - THIS is what she found!
A cute little caterpillar!

Friday, August 16, 2013

I is for Ice Cream!

Before the girls last visit
I made several sets up tea party
snacks and put them in rubber maid
containers to have on hand.
We never got to these, but I thought
they were so cute I had to share.
I think they would be great little
snacks for preschool or kindergarten
when the children are learning
the Letter I.
To make the, you just make cake
balls. Then dip miniature ice cream
cones into candy melts and
stick a ball on each one.
Put it in the freezer to set.
Then dip the cake pop into the
candy melts to frost the cake.
Add sprinkles and
whatever toppings you'd like.
I added a little melted chocolate
and an M&M.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tea for Three

 Grace wanted a candle lit
tea party, so I pulled out a couple
of candles.
(Now, I'm thinking I need new candles sticks)
 The girls put on their dresses and hats
and had their tea.
I don't think little girls ever
get tired of tea parties!
I wonder how much Asher
is going to enjoy
hanging out with these three?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Olivia at Gymnastics

 Olivia goes to gymnastics, too!
And - I am allowed in her
classroom. I can also use
flash photography!
But - for the most part I still
shot from a distance
because I didn't want to distract her.
 She's a climber!
Quite the little monkey!
 She crawls across these things on
her hands and feet.
And she glides around the room
on this.
Her teacher says she's the
best listener in the class.
She follows instructions.
And she has fun!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Grace at Gymnastics

 Grace is doing well
at gymnastics!
 She enjoys it so much!
 And she looks so cute out there!
 Adults are not allowed in the
gym, and no flash photography
is allowed, so I can't get
very good pictures.
I have to shoot through a window
from a distance.
But - you get the idea!
She's an adorable little gymnast,
don't you think?