Friday, January 30, 2015

American Girl Store

To celebrate Brilyn's Birthday,
we had lunch at the
American Girl Store.
 It was so much fun for 
for the girls.

They each put on
pretty dresses.
And brought a couple of their
favorite dolls.
And enjoyed a lunch that was
totally delicious!
 Grace ordered this, but Brilyn
and Olivia chose to eat
desert for lunch!
Cupcakes, cookies, brownies
and ice cream are 
probably what the 
American Girl Cafe
does the best, anyway!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Birthday Photos Recovered!!!!!! Yay!!!!!

Remember - those pictures I had lost?
Not only was Brilyn's 
Dolly and Me Tea Party
Pictures lost - but so was 
Christmas and a fun snow day!
My husband was able to recover
most of them from the 
formatted camera card!
 We now have enough pictures to remember
this party.... and the decorate your own
Dolly and Me Tea Cups!
It really was such a sweet birthday!
The girls loved having lunch with
their dolls and got cute little
booster seats for them as party
favors! The boys got a package
of 3 balls.... a football, a basketball
and a soccer ball. 
And thanks to my wonderful
husband.... I now have memories!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy Birthday, Brilyn!

Happy Birthday, Brilyn!
Can you believe this girl is 4?
We had a dolly and me
tea party for her on the 11th
and for some strange reason
those pictures have disappeared.
Totally vanished!
And they were so, so cute.
But - she will be having another
party this evening 
and another 
Dolly & Me Party
at the American Girl Store
in a few days,
so hopefully, we can get
more pictures. 
And I may have to have the 
girls dress up and bring their
dolls over, again, so
I can replace the pictures
I've lost. 

Anyway - I will try to post again
next week with pictures from
her American Girl Party!