Wednesday, July 31, 2013

 Grace and Olivia stayed with me while
their Momma went to a Mary Kay
And - the first thing they wanted to 
do was have a tea party! 
 I made tea party candies! Aren't they precious?
 I've found that lollipops and cake pops
display nicely in small pitcher or
vase filled with rice. The rice holds
the pops securely in place and even
allows you to arrange them.
 Don't you just love the teapot and tea
cup designs?
 I even made mini teapots and teacups
to use a cupcake toppers!
 It was a sweet little tea party!
 The girls loved the 
tea party shaped snacks!

And I loved their smiles!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Splish Splash... Where Did She Go?

 Splish Splash!
 Where did she go?
Grace loves swimming with other kids.
Especially older kids!
This is Patricia, a little girl Brandy 
sometimes babysits.
Grace really enjoys playing with her! 
 AND - Swimming is always more fun
when there is someone to 
swim with. Grace is more
willing to try new things when she
sees others enjoy doing them, too, 
so having a friend over can make
pool time a lot more fun!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Angry Birds

 At our July birthday party,
we played Angry Birds!
 I bought a water balloon launcher and
a stuffed angry bird. We launched the
bird out of the launcher and tried
to knock down stacks of blocks!
 It was a pretty fun game!
 Even Papa Bill got in on
the action!
 But - launching the angry bird was
a little tough for the little ones!
 But, they were still able to
play! They just had
'hand launch' their birds by
throwing them.
And - they all won a prize!

Friday, July 26, 2013


Today is Deuce's Birthday!
Deuce is our oldest son.
He's an outdoorsman who
likes to hunt and fish.
Happy Birthday, Deuce!
I hope you have a great birthday
this year and every year to come!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Simple Tea Party

I try to keep treats on hand
because at any given moment
a precious little girl could
come over and want to have
a tea party.
Brilyn caught me with
no cupcakes in the freezer.
But - I had these!
 Little Debbie Fudge Cakes!
 I took out a few cakes and cut them
into squares. They sliced up
nicely and looked really cute!
The teapot looks really cute, too.
Don't you just love the heart shaped lid?
 I put Kool-Aid in the teapot because
I was out of tea.
 But, I don't think it matters
much what I serve.
This little girl just loves
a tea party!
And I love HER!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Hiding Places!

I bought this
as an option for
rainy day fun and Brilyn
tested it out and had
a great time!
 I think she liked the tunnel
the best.
She also played with the
teepee. We inserted the tunnel
into the teepee and she told me
the teepee was her house
and she called the tent
my house and she crawled
through the tunnel to visit.
I think it'll be more
fun when Grace and Olivia
are here to play with her!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Breakfast Tea Party

 When Brilyn spends the night
she likes to have an early
morning tea party.
She had already eaten
breakfast, but she didn't eat much
and I didn't want to fill her with
cupcakes and cookies, so we
had a "breakfast tea party."
 Her Barbie Doll even wore a
pretty dress.
(Brilyn loves to share with her dolls)
 Instead of regular cookies I served
cookie monster cookies.
(aka Cookie Crisp Cereal)
And Brilyn enjoyed it just as
much as she would have
if I'd served pretty cupcakes!
This girl, loves a party.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Getting Ready For Babies

Brandy and Alyssa came over
one day and we used Brandy's
new sewing machine and
made burp cloths
for the babies.
I'm not sure exactly how
many we made, but here
is one of each design.
 Aren't they cute?
Finding fabrics and trims to make
boy things is much more difficult
than finding fabric and trim to
make girl things,
but I think we did a pretty
good job!

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Today is Heather's Birthday,
so please comment and wish her
Heather is our oldest child.
She's also Mommy to
two of our sweet little grand daughters,
Grace and Olivia!
We wish you happiness
today and always!

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Butterfly Garden

Our little butterfly garden has not been
as pretty this year as it has in years past.
The weather has been a little weird
I think that has some of the
flowers confused. They're not sure
if it is spring, summer or fall,
and so they're not quite sure
what to do.
We have had a good crop
of butterflies, though!
I've counted as many as 12
species in a day!
 This Gulf Fritillary is new to the
garden this year. I love his shiny
silvery patches on his wings.
He's really beautiful!
 The Buckeyes have been plentiful!
There are four or five in the garden
almost every single day.
 These little crescents are common, too.
We see them all the time and they
seem to run in little flocks.
There are four on the coneflower above.
Can you see them?
And another crescent. This guy is lucky
to have found a flower to perch on.
See those green leaves in
the background?
That's a watermelon plant!
Grace spit seeds into the garden
last summer and now her
watermelon have taken over.
It's choking out the flowers so the
butterflies might have a little less
to eat, but it'll be feeding us, soon!
The watermelon are almost ripe!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Grace Goes for a Razor Ride!

The little GoPro Camera my
husband got me for my birthday
does a great job capturing adventure.
I don't think I'd be able to see
her little face while she
rode the Razor, any
other way!
Watch her reaction as she gets
hit with mud in the face!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Good Manners Tea Party

 The girls have been a little
lax about using their manners,
so we had a
Good Manners Tea Party
to practice "being proper."
Each girl started out with
3 clothes pins pinned to their
clothes. If they did something nice,
they got another one.
BUT - if they used bad manners
they lost one!
 Olivia drank like a puppy
and lost a clothes pin!
 Grace used good manners and shared.
She served her sister nicely
and got an extra clothes pin.
 She caught onto this really quickly!
 One pin, two pins, three pins.... four!
 Being nice gets you more and more!
 They had such a good time.
Olivia didn't care that Grace had more
clothes pins. She was just happy to party.
But - Grace wanted to WIN!
She kept being nice and saying please
and thank you!
Olivia preferred to be silly
and blow bubbles with her tea.
She lost another clothes pin!
 When Olivia was down to one clothes pin
she gave it to Grace and said,
"You win!"
She may not have the world's
best manners, but at least she's
a good sport!
And Grace was happy to be
the Good Manners Champion!