Friday, August 22, 2014

AUGUST Birthday Party

During the month of August,
we only have one Birthday
to Celebrate!
(at the time of this post)
And that's ASHER'S!
And since Asher is such a Happy Boy,
I thought a Vintage Carnival would
be fun!
 So - I put together some games
  And got some ducks for a little duck pond!
And got some prizes ready for all of
my little winners!
And we had a PARTY!

I had a cute little hot dog stand set up,
but didn't take pictures.
And we had gourmet cupcakes
for desert! Brilyn helped me
bake them, so you know they were good!
Then, Asher opened his presents!
 There weren't many because most people
gave him his presents at his other
birthday party the week before.
But - he got a new wagon and a
drum set!
And I think that drum set
was a big hit!
This kid was born to drum!
Doesn't he look like he's
ready to rock-n-roll?

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