Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Birthday, Weston!!!!!!

Can you believe this sweet
little boy is ONE!
 TODAY is his birthday,
but we celebrated Sunday!
His Daddy is working out
of town and couldn't be here
today - and will be working
next weekend, so he
got his gifts a little early.
I think he was happy about that!
Now - some grown ups in his life
might be getting a little more
exercise, helping him play with
his toys! He seems to need
a wagon ride!


  1. Patty, I just sent you a comment, but not sure it went through. I'll check again. :~)

  2. Happy Birthday Weston! He is precious, Patty, and enjoying his cake just like a one year old does! I hope he has a wonderful day, and he's going to have many fun days playing with that red wagon.


  3. Happy Happy First Birthday. He is DARLING~~~~!!!!! xo Diana

  4. Yay 1 yr.... They grow too fast!
    He is adorable .. Don't you wish you could stop time?....