Thursday, January 22, 2015

Happy Birthday, Brilyn!

Happy Birthday, Brilyn!
Can you believe this girl is 4?
We had a dolly and me
tea party for her on the 11th
and for some strange reason
those pictures have disappeared.
Totally vanished!
And they were so, so cute.
But - she will be having another
party this evening 
and another 
Dolly & Me Party
at the American Girl Store
in a few days,
so hopefully, we can get
more pictures. 
And I may have to have the 
girls dress up and bring their
dolls over, again, so
I can replace the pictures
I've lost. 

Anyway - I will try to post again
next week with pictures from
her American Girl Party!


  1. This is the cutest picture, Patty. Happy Birthday to Brilyn. My girls never had an American Girl doll growing up, but I always thought they were so precious. Wishing her many more beautiful birthdays filled with love.


  2. Happy birthday to your sweet Brilyn... Such a cute picture and pretty girl. I sure hope you find those lost pictures.
    Have a great party :)