Monday, June 8, 2015

Tea Party Time!

 Brilyn had been talking about
her Great Grandma Darlene
a lot, so when she asked for a 
Tea Party, I decided to use
Grandma Darlene's fancy china!
  I prepared a very special tea party!
 We had cookies and crackers and cheese...
 and cupcakes... and chocolate covered 
strawberries and glazed strawberries
and bananas... and of course tea!
And Brilyn brought a little friend
along to celebrate with us.
Grandma Darlene's fancy china is
going to have some lovely
memories connected to it.
I just wish she were here to share them.
But - I'm also happy knowing that
heaven is a wonderful place. 
And I'm sure she would be happy
knowing her great grand daughters
are enjoying her special treasures.


  1. Oh, what fun. And this food looks so yummy, Patty. A tea party for the kids, that's so special.


  2. This is so special! I really need to take time to do this with my girls. :-)