Monday, September 14, 2015

Six Flags Over Texas

 I was invited to go to
Six Flags with Heather and the girls
and a really nice neighbor! 
 The kids all loved this game.
It's how Grace won the prize above.
Olivia won a stuffed toy, too.... 
but she wanted a cape, so she traded
with her friend, Isaac!
(first place gets a stuffed toy, and all others get a cape)
 Grace and Olivia with Isaac and Ian
They are super sweet boys!
 Grace and Isaac in a boat!
Isaac is close to Olivia's age....
and Grace's size!
 Isaac being a big boy and riding 
on the roaring rapids!
He got the only dry seat!
And Grand and Olivia with a
stuffed unicorn that they won.
Six Flags had made winning prizes
a real possibility! 
The girls loved it!


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  2. Oh, Six Flags, how fun for all the kids! Love the stuffed unicorn. Nel was into unicorns when she was little, and I used to read her books about unicorns all the time.