Saturday, October 10, 2015

Weston Visits The Farm

 Weston is a country boy!
He lives in the country and
has dogs and chickens.
 And her really likes
tractors and cows!
 So - we took him to a 
small pumpkin farm hoping he
could pet a cow!
 He did!
But - while he normally LOVES cows,
we learned that 
tractors out rank them!
He spent the majority of his
time at the pumpkin patch playing
on these little tractors!
And it was the tractors that seemed
to produce the biggest smiles!


  1. My gosh!!! I cant; believe how BIG he is. He's adorable. I was thinking of him as still a baby! When did he get so big? lol xo Diana

  2. Oh Patty, Weston looks adorable in these pictures. Now, that one with the pumpkins should be framed! His orange shirt is perfect for the pictures. He looks like he's having a blast riding that tractor. What a fun day for him.

    I just sent you an e-mail on the glitter pumpkin picture.

    love, ~Sheri