Friday, November 6, 2015

Grace's Choir Concert

 Grace joined the Children's Choir
at the church she attends this year.
 She just participated in her 
first concert:
Praise Like Fireworks
 She is a first grader and you have to 
be in second grade to try out for 
solos and speaking parts....
but she got to sing in the choir.
Can you see her there between the
girl in the PINK and the girl in the BLUE?
 Here is an UN-obstructed view!
The performance was spectacular and it
had a very good message.
We should be so full of praises for 
our God that we can't keep them
contained.... like a firework the never
fizzles out.
Olivia, Grace and Ryan
(Ryan is their choir director)


  1. How exciting. I know your heart was just bursting with pride. That is so much fun to see our grands perform, isn't it? xo Diana

  2. Good for Grace, what a great thing to join the children's choir at church. I bet you were so excited to listen to her sing. And what a special time for all of this to come about, at Christmas time.