Friday, February 3, 2012

Olivia and the Razor!

 Grandpa got a new toy! It's a Polaris Ranger Razor and guess who loves it?
 Our sweet, gentle Olivia Joy has a wild side!
For Christmas she recieved a power wheels car that I thought she might have to grow into - yet when Uncle Deuce took her for her first ride, she was all smiles. She LOVED it!
And I really didn't expect her to like the Razor - just yet - anyway!
But, she giggled, smiled and clapped most of the time she was on it!
The rest of the time, she had to shield the sun from her eyes.
So now... I guess she's not just our
Sweet, gentle Olivia Joy!
She's our
Sweet, Gentle, BRAVE Olivia Joy!
I wonder what other adventures we'll get to have as this little angel grows up?

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  1. Oh that is so cute. Our little joys all love Papa's John Deere but your ride of choice is wayyyy cooler! xo Diana