Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two Girls at Nations of Fun!

While Heather and Olivia were in Germany, Grace and Brilyn spent an afternoon at Nations of Fun!
Brilyn surprised us by being BIG enough to try just about everything! The thought of not being big enough hasn't occured to her! She thinks she can do anything!
She can go down the blue slides all by herself!
And climb through the tunnels!
Here she is without pants because her Momma took them off! Climbing with no pants is easier because skin gets better traction than slick fabric and sliding down with no pants is safer for the same reason. With Brilyn's jeans on she slides down fast.... without them, she goes much slower. And since she's a really quick little toddler it's probably a good idea to let her go without pants just in case she gets into one of the big slides and heads down before we get to her to pull her off. She is sooooo adventurous!
(she is so fast... sometimes she's hard to catch up with)
Here is Grace climbing through the obstacle course!
And Brilyn climbing up into the playground!
And Brilyn with her winnings after hitting the jackpot on the drop the ball game!
And Grace with all of her prizes!
Both girls were big winners!
It was such a fun day!

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  1. How cute! I love the way you are able to document their fun through your photos! xo Diana