Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Olivia Riding Popcorn

 Olivia rode Popcorn, too!
She held on tight and kept her balance
just fine.
 Her Momma wanted to walk along beside
her and hold on to her to make sure
she didn't fall off - but Olivia didn't
REALLY need any help!
Just look at her!
She's a BIG girl now!
But, I'm sure she'll always be her
Momma's baby.
We Momma's try so hard to keep them
little.... yet, in the blink of an
eye they seem to grow up over night.
But - Olivia is a little cuddle bug.
No matter how big she gets, I hope
she never outgrows snuggling.
She's the snuggliest little girl I think
I've ever met, and I hope that never
ever changes.

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