Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Releasing the Ducks!

 The time had come to release the ducks,
so we loaded them up and took them
to our little neighborhood pond.
They should be safe there as there
is no threat from predators.
(Not that we know of, anyway)
 When the kennel was opened they tried climbing
deeper inside rather than coming out
as we expected.
Brilyn tried to coax her duck out!
Grandpa ended up having to
give the kennel a little shake and
dump them out.
 Then Caelie and Brilyn chased them
towards the water.
They didn't seem to want to
get in, so Caelie threw one.
 I'm not so sure they knew what to think.
They waddled up the hill toward
dry land. We then herded them
towards the water.
And once they realized it was
okay, they seemed to enjoy themselves.
Just look at them!
They seemed excited to finally have
room to swim!
And we've checked on them and fed them
daily and they are still alive and well.
Now - we have a real Duck Pond!

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