Monday, September 1, 2014

I Just Love Butterflies!

My butterfly garden has had some
challenges this summer.
The weather started off cool and wet.
Then progressed to hot and dry.
 It's not been a typical Oklahoma Summer!
 But - I have had a large butterfly crop, regardless!
 I think God keeps them coming back. 
It's as if He's gifting them to me.
Because there is something about
a beautiful butterfly that
makes my heart grateful. And there is
something about the sighting of a
butterfly that makes me 
whisper up a thanks!

Life is like that! 
You get more and more
of what you thank God for,
if you are the grateful type.
And more and more of what you
grumble about, if you are
the complaining type. 

Feel free to test my theory and
give thanks to God for the
good things in your life.
Or - feel free to complain if you'd
like things to get worse. 
The CHOICE is up to YOU!


  1. I am always thankful for all I have...and we didn't see hardly any butterfilies here this summer. xo Diana

  2. This is a beautiful post. I am so grateful and thankful for every single thing HE has blessed my family and I with and I try hard to tell HIM so every day.
    I have not seen one single butterfly all this whole summer...the next one YOU are sent, whisper that bj needs to see one, too. :)