Friday, September 19, 2014

Tea Party at The American Girl Store's Cafe

Another thing we did
while I was in Texas, was go to
the American Girl Store!
We had afternoon tea in their cafe!
 The girls each had their dolls and
were given a doll sized cup and
saucer to serve them with.
After serving her doll, Grace served
herself some sugar!
They had unsweetened tea and I think
sweetening her own tea was Grace's
favorite part of the day!
 This is what they serve for Tea Time!
This column is Tea for Two - so
you see two of everything.
 Two chocolate mousse's, two frosted
cookies and two frosted cupcakes.
Two pigs in a blankets, two turkey burgers,
and two cucumber sandwiches.
 Two fruit kabob's and two muffins!
 We also ordered a dessert sampler.
It was mid-afternoon and we were only
having a snack, but we didn't want to 
leave hungry.
After eating we went to the 
American Girl Showroom
and looked at all the dolls,
doll clothes and accessories.
And these sweet girls were so, so good!
They showed us what they liked
and let us know who their 
favorites were, but they did not
ask for a thing. And - they left 
with smiles on their faces and 
grateful hearts - just happy for the 
chance to go LOOK.
We did not buy ANYTHING.
I was really impressed with their
happy little attitudes. 
It is so hard to go into that store and
not want to spend $500.00.
There is so much - and it's all
I am one very 

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  1. I have always wanted to go to the store in Chicago with SweetCheeks. I am glad you had a nice time and that the girls loved it so much. Sometimes things turn out just PERFECT!!! lol xo Diana