Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Brilyn's Birthday Party

 Brilyn had her Birthday Party at Pizza Hut!
 They have a party room and it was all decked out with balloons, presents, cake, a cookie cake and cute CUTE pictures of Brilyn!
 I think she loved every single gift!
 Her Daddy and Uncle Deuce tied balloons for the kids!
Her Uncle Deuce is a magician so he makes a pretty interesting party guest.
 Skylie and Jenessa got balloon hats!
 The boys wanted balloon swords, so they could have sword fights!
 Grace and Lenae helped Brilyn open presents!
And Brilyn made her way around to greet each guest looking like a little princess!
It was a great party!

1 comment:

  1. She for sure acts like a little princess! lol It was to hectic for me...from now on until she has her friends...just immediate family and our CLOSE friends! I'm not a fan of a bunch of people in a crowded area.