Thursday, January 12, 2012

Surprise Vacation

My son in law, Dustin, was asked to be a saber bearer for a friend's wedding in Houston and I was invited to go along for a mini-vacation. During the wedding, I babysat Grace and Olivia at the hotel so that Heather and Dustin could go and enjoy the wedding and relax a bit!
We had a great time!
First.... we went swimming! 

Swimming is something we normally don't get to enjoy in the winter time and the girls loved it!
I think Olivia is going to be a little fish one of these days. She LOVES the water!
These girls had so much fun! I didn't think they were ever going to be ready to leave the pool.
I would get Olivia out and get her wrapped up and almost dry and Grace would either be jumping back in or running through the sprinklers at the splash pad next to the pool. I think she like pushing the buttons and turning the water on and off as much as she liked the water. It's a great feeling to be in control!

But - eventually, Grace did get hungry - so we went back to our room and packed up to go on a picnic. We packed lunchables, soda, fruit and marshmellows and went and had a picnic by the firepit in the hotel courtyard.
And Grace discovered that if you split a marshmellow - just a little- you can make an insert just big enough for a small nose and instantly become a clown!
Isn't she the cutest thing?
We ate - roasted marshmellows and ate some more!
The we went back to our room, took showers and baths and got the girls ready for bed.
But they were still wide awake when Mommy and Daddy returned home from the wedding!
After all - it wouldn't be quite right to nod off to sleep without saying "Goodnight!"

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  1. Oh = It looks like you had so much fun and those girls are adorable! xo Diana