Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sea World

On our way back from Houston, we stopped in San Antonio and went to Sea World!
We ran into Shamu all dressed up in his Santa suit on our way to see the dolphins.
When we got to the dolphins, Grace wanted to feed them.
(her Daddy helped)
Then we went to ride rides!
Dustin took Grace on the Dolphin Dive ride. It goes up - then drops - goes up again - then drops - and so on!
 Grace seemed to like it!
And since she was brave enough for the Dolphin Dive, I thought she might be ready for a little roller coaster, so I took her to ride the Shamu Express!
 When she got off she told her Mommy and Daddy that it was so much fun! (however, she doesn't look like she's too excited in the picture)
After riding rides we went to a couple of shows.
First we saw a show with dolphins and whales and divers. The girls really enjoyed it. I think it might have even been Olivia's favorite. She smiled and clapped the entire time.
My favorite was the Sesame Street show. All the Sesame Street characters were there and we were allowed to be right up by the stage. Telly even stopped to pet Grace on the head, giving her something to talk about for days!
Then we had dinner at Rosita's Cafe and went to see the penguins and some fish!
Then we stayed for the Shamu show and even the fireworks!
They had a beautiful firework display and Grace enjoyed it while Olivia slept!
But Olivia wasn't the only one who was worn out. Grace was asleep, too, by the time we reached the van!
What a fun day!

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  1. That looks like a fun, and tiring day! Isn't it fun to see things through the eyes of the kids? xo Diana