Friday, August 17, 2012

Brilyn Having Fun In The Sun!

 Brilyn really enjoys her pool time!
 She THINKS she is too big to wear a
floatie, though!
 She's a very brave girl!
 She doesn't mind going under, and water
in her face doesn't bother her at all!
She might actually swim if I would
let go of her long enough to give her a chance.
She kicks and paddles
but when I let go she goes under
so I scoop her back up.

It's funny how much more cautious you are
wtih your grandkids than you are with
your own children.
When her Daddy and her uncles were
small, they all swam under water
and it didn't bother me a bit.
With grandkids I want to see those
little faces sticking up!


  1. Oh- I am just like you. I think with our grands we really understand better how precious life is ... things we didn't have time to think about when raising our own kids- xo Diana

  2. Oh I feel the SAME WAY! SHOW ME YOUR FACE or I get into a panic!

    GORGEOUS GIRL! Sooo sweet!