Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Fun for Gracie!

 Swimming is one of Gracie's favorite things
to do! She goes up the slide....
 And comes down....
 and she splish splashes into the water
 she goes under and pops up
 just like a little fish!
And I love to watch all the expressions
she makes while doing it.
And this summer we learned that
She prefers using a floatie, but one
day she forgot and she slid right down the
slide without it.
She popped under and popped back up
and SWAM!
That is - until our neighbor grabbed her!
She struggled, but she swam!
And as proud as I am of her ability to
swim, I'm much more comfortable with
her in a floatie, too!
There are lots of distractions around the pool
and sometimes I have another little one to keep
up with, so maybe those floaties are a
good idea!

1 comment:

  1. She is so cute. We are down to one non-swimmer in the older kids. I hear you though- most of our grands can swim...but when they all to into the bay together they ALL wear life jackets because it is too hard to keep track of them and too hard to get to them if they would have trouble.