Friday, August 3, 2012

Sun Flares!

 I'm normally not a big fan of sunflares, but since
Gracie wanted to play in the dirt and I
had to have something to do while I watched and
waited I played around with my
"play camera" and caught a few!
 And I kind of like them.
 I still think they take away from portraits.
But they add interest!
 And sometimes they make your subject glow!

So, now I'm torn. Sometimes I like them,
sometimes I don't.
But - either way.... I CAN capture
them with my camera!


  1. Well, I know nothing of sun flares (I barely know how to turn my little point and shoot camera on) but I do know one thing for sure...
    GRACIE does indeed, GLOW. :)

  2. Ha- I never knew what they were called. I could take them or leave them! Look at how cute that girl is though!!! xo Diana

  3. I for one love the added interest. When your subjects are beautiful you can't go wrong!

    Love to you~Rebecca