Thursday, March 27, 2014

A BIG Hiking Adventure!

 Brilyn has been asking to go hiking
almost every day!
 So - when I got a day off that's
what we did.
 We hiked to a secret waterfall
in the mountains.
 Brilyn and her little friend Madison
went all the way to the falls
with Uncle Billy and Austin.
(Austin is Alyssa's little brother. Billy and 
Austin sort of served as our guides)
 Madison surprised her Momma
by acting like a BIG girl!
 Billy had an opportunity or two
to show off!
(his specialty)
 And this is our group - minus me!
And it all started with Brilyn wanting
to go hiking!
 We found a crawdad - which Billy
explained to Brilyn was GOOD EATIN'.
 And learned that it might be best to kill
your prey before eating it.
Live prey bites back!
 Brilyn wanted no part of that ugly thing.
 Actually - it was kind of cute!
 But - not as cute as this little guy!
Weston enjoyed his first hiking trip,
and seemed very content when
he wasn't hungry.
 We saw Canadian Geese.
 Brilyn & Madison
  Brilyn & Madison
 We saw turtles!
And we saw deer!
It was a perfect day for hiking and
we had a great time!
And Brilyn wants to go again!

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  1. Wow- That was quite an adventure for those kids. Looks like a good place to hike. xo Diana