Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Olivia's Cowgirl Birthday Party!

Olivia wanted a cowgirl
birthday party!
She may live in a city, but she
is a country girl at heart.
The girls spent some time in the barn
helping to get the horses ready....
and then....
 Olivia rode into the arena on a
white horse!
(aka Popcorn)
 She was followed by Brilyn and
Grace, who rode in on horses, too.
Then all of the party guest
got to ride horses.
 They also got to hit a pinata
with a stick.
 And eat cake!
 And watch Olivia open presents.
 Almost all of Olivia's best friends
were able to make it.
(however, we missed Tyler Grace)
 I think it was fun for everyone!
 And these last two pictures are Grace
and Brilyn helping get the horses
ready. I just didn't want to put them
in order because I wanted to
lead with Olivia riding in on the horse.


  1. Now, I'm tellin' you....those cuties know how to have a COOL birthday party.
    So cute.....:)

  2. How very cute, Patty. Nothing like a little cowgirl. We have a new little cowgirl of our own- Little Anna (no middle name yet) xo Diana