Thursday, March 6, 2014


 Not too long ago as I was cleaning up
the backyard I saw space under the deck and
had a thought.... I called my husband out to
see what he thought....
AND YES! There was room enough down
there for a sand box.
He actually went to Lowe's and bought
materials and built it that very day.
Here it is... hidden under the deck.
Sheltered from wind, and sun!
 And here it is being enjoyed by grandchildren!
I had planned to introduce it at the February
Birthday party, but it was too cold.
So - we hunted for gold indoors.
 But while Grace and Olivia were here,
I decided to try the Gold Rush again.
 It's much more fun in the sandbox!
 Just look at that gold.
 Brilyn and Grace were very
good gold diggers.
Olivia preferred to stay inside
with Momma and help 
run the Gold Exchange aka
prize box/store.

But, the gold diggers shared
their gold with Olivia and Asher
and they all got prizes and had
a good time.
I think Grandpa's sand box is
a big hit!


  1. Oh, I love this sand box! What a great idea for the children. Kids love the sand and exploring and discovering. I actually just visited the site where they first discovered gold in California. I did a post about it. Your husband did a wonderful job on the sand box.


  2. What a great idea to have it under the deck---and it is somewhat protected from the elements, too. Great fun for a gold dig, too-xo Diana

  3. aaaaaa....your posts always bring back memories for me.
    I love the idea of the box beneath the deck...the girls will be able to enjoy it all summer long without getting sunburns.
    When first grand was about 3, I bought a giant turtle sandbox and Drew loved it. He played and played...then when Brooks came along, he loved it, too. Our girls never did like it much...not sure why.