Friday, October 17, 2014

An Amish Store and Restaurant

While my husband and I
were traveling to Hilldale, Ok
to take pictures of a high school football
game for CBS's Max Preps
I saw this sign.
We had left early and had time to
spare, so we stopped!
It was such a neat place!
 We didn't eat at the restaurant,
but we did take a look around and
we got a couple of things from the shop.
There were all kinds of jams and jellies.
 Honey and Bee Pollen
 Amish made tea towels and things.
 And a pie case full of delicious
looking pies!
I bought some fudge and it was delicious!
I also got a little book of 
Amish Home Remedies.
And while a lot of stuff was Amish made,
the store was probably more
Amish Inspired - than truly Amish.
The servers in the restaurant
wore English clothes
and there was no shortage of


  1. I think we might have visited this same store once. It looks just like one we stopped in!

  2. I love places like that, Patty. I bet the food was good, too, if you had tried it. Glad you found a couple of things to take with you! xo Diana

  3. I have always found the Amish so interesting (especially after seeing "my man", Harrison Ford in WITNESS). hahhaa
    I would love to visit their part of the country someday;