Monday, October 13, 2014

The Dallas Arboretum

Another field trip we
went on was a visit to the 
It had a really cool Pumpkin Patch!
 But - it was filled with people, so it
was not the best place to get
good pictures!
 And while all of those pumpkins
were beautiful, I think there were
enough pumpkins there to feed an entire
village for week. All just sitting out in the
sun and wasting away!
 Of course - it would be expensive
to ship them to a village of
starving people.
But - it really makes you stop
and think. How blessed we are to live
in a country that has plenty!
And we are even more blessed it we
live in a household that has plenty!
If you have dinner on the table
tonight, remember that!
Take the time to be grateful, and 
Thank God for His provision!


  1. So very true, Patty. I often think about how wasteful we are in so many ways when there are people even in this country that are starving. We are blessed indeed.

    What a neat place to visit though. I bet the kids just loved it. xo Diana

  2. Yes, many pumpkins around here just ruined, too. Maybe farmers are raising too many and need to think of other produce to grow..?
    I wouldn't go to Dallas right now for anything....:( This Ebola is a scary thing.