Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sharkarosa Home School Day

I went to stay with Grace and Olivia
for a few days so I could 
attend some field trips and 
go to Grace's Classical Conversations
Home School Coop.
 The first field trip was
Sharkarosa Home School Day!
Notice that Momma Kangaroo 
has a pouch full!
 At Sheirkarosa we saw lots of animals
and we played on a playground.
 It was very hands on - which we liked!
 Grace isn't afraid of many critters!
She even likes snakes and spiders!
 We got to ride in this little barrel train!
 It was fun - but Grace said that 
our driver drove too much 
like Grandpa!
That means - he was a little too
wild and crazy for her.
However, Olivia had no complaints!
 We went on a Safari and saw 
Zebras and Camels.
And we got to pet them!
Before going into each enclosure
they filled buckets on the side of
the Safari Tram with feed
for the animals, so they came
right up to us!
For Grace and I this was probably
the best part of the day.
Heather, however, made sure she sat
in the middle of the seat, so she
had people on both sides of her 
to keep the animals away.

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