Thursday, March 27, 2014

A BIG Hiking Adventure!

 Brilyn has been asking to go hiking
almost every day!
 So - when I got a day off that's
what we did.
 We hiked to a secret waterfall
in the mountains.
 Brilyn and her little friend Madison
went all the way to the falls
with Uncle Billy and Austin.
(Austin is Alyssa's little brother. Billy and 
Austin sort of served as our guides)
 Madison surprised her Momma
by acting like a BIG girl!
 Billy had an opportunity or two
to show off!
(his specialty)
 And this is our group - minus me!
And it all started with Brilyn wanting
to go hiking!
 We found a crawdad - which Billy
explained to Brilyn was GOOD EATIN'.
 And learned that it might be best to kill
your prey before eating it.
Live prey bites back!
 Brilyn wanted no part of that ugly thing.
 Actually - it was kind of cute!
 But - not as cute as this little guy!
Weston enjoyed his first hiking trip,
and seemed very content when
he wasn't hungry.
 We saw Canadian Geese.
 Brilyn & Madison
  Brilyn & Madison
 We saw turtles!
And we saw deer!
It was a perfect day for hiking and
we had a great time!
And Brilyn wants to go again!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Handsome Boy!

Babies grow up way too fast!
Just look at these boys!
 Weston is now 3 Months Old!
And sweeter than anything else you
see in this picture!
And Asher is 7 Months Old
and big enough to begin
getting into things!
He's awfully sweet, too!

Babies are just not babies long enough!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Precious Siblings

Just look at these two!
Aren't they precious?
I have been busy,
and I have not had much computer
time, so I have gotten behind
on blogging.
Did you miss me?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Hiking Trip

 Our playgroup went on a hiking trip.
And this was pretty much my view.
The backside of Brilyn!
 The kids led the way and were
free to discover and explore.
 Kayli, Kodi & Brilyn
We hiked deep into the refuge,
had a picnic,
and hiked out again.
It was a great day of fun 
and good exercise!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Olivia's Cowgirl Birthday Party!

Olivia wanted a cowgirl
birthday party!
She may live in a city, but she
is a country girl at heart.
The girls spent some time in the barn
helping to get the horses ready....
and then....
 Olivia rode into the arena on a
white horse!
(aka Popcorn)
 She was followed by Brilyn and
Grace, who rode in on horses, too.
Then all of the party guest
got to ride horses.
 They also got to hit a pinata
with a stick.
 And eat cake!
 And watch Olivia open presents.
 Almost all of Olivia's best friends
were able to make it.
(however, we missed Tyler Grace)
 I think it was fun for everyone!
 And these last two pictures are Grace
and Brilyn helping get the horses
ready. I just didn't want to put them
in order because I wanted to
lead with Olivia riding in on the horse.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Today is my husband, Greg's Birthday!
(I call him Speedy)
Happy Birthday, Speedy!
Or Greg, or Grandpa!
I hope you have a wonderful day
and a wonderful year ahead.
You deserve it.
For all you do, and for all you are.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


 Not too long ago as I was cleaning up
the backyard I saw space under the deck and
had a thought.... I called my husband out to
see what he thought....
AND YES! There was room enough down
there for a sand box.
He actually went to Lowe's and bought
materials and built it that very day.
Here it is... hidden under the deck.
Sheltered from wind, and sun!
 And here it is being enjoyed by grandchildren!
I had planned to introduce it at the February
Birthday party, but it was too cold.
So - we hunted for gold indoors.
 But while Grace and Olivia were here,
I decided to try the Gold Rush again.
 It's much more fun in the sandbox!
 Just look at that gold.
 Brilyn and Grace were very
good gold diggers.
Olivia preferred to stay inside
with Momma and help 
run the Gold Exchange aka
prize box/store.

But, the gold diggers shared
their gold with Olivia and Asher
and they all got prizes and had
a good time.
I think Grandpa's sand box is
a big hit!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A VERY Special Tea Party

Since the girls love Tea Parties
so much, and they now behave
so well, I thought it might be fun to have
a SPECIAL Tea Party!
 We went to Olive Garden!
 The girls brought their dolls and
each doll received a baby doll as a gift.
 And each girl received a Barbie!
We celebrated Lillian's Birthday!
Lillian is my Heart 4 Hearts Girl
doll and she sat by Brilyn at the party.
(see her head sticking up out of that high chair at the end of the table?)
 Lillian got her own special desert.
 The rest of us, got a taste of each
of the Cheesecakes, Cakes, and Italian
Doughnuts that Olive Garden serves.
And it was Grace's favorite thing that
we did on this particular
visit! Olivia liked milking the cow.
I liked BOTH! 
(and this is Brilyn's plate. A sampler of delicious
Olive Garden deserts.)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What's for Breakfast?

Grace and Olivia
are as different as night and day!
When you ask Grace what she wants
for breakfast, it's almost
always Bacon, Eggs
and Pancakes!
(here, I've added a cream cheese filled crepe with raspberry topping)
Olivia on the other hand
wants something sweet!
She would prefer doughnut holes
but she will eat muffins, or buscuits
with honey or pancakes or waffles
or just about anything sweet!
So, when I offered them biscuits and chocolate
gravy she loved it!
Grace, however, was not a fan!
Don't you just love how God maked
each child unique and special?
Some things are enjoyed more by one child
than they are another.
I think this may be God's way of ensuring
that we create special memories of each.

And if you want the recipe for that
I got it from Nana Diana