Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Special Tea Party Guest

With Grace and Olivia living
so far away, Brilyn has
had to resort to this!
 A special tea party guest!
One that does not use her manners
and cannot hold a tea cup
with her pinky sticking out
like a proper lady should!
 But Brilyn is our messy one,
so she really doesn't mind.
She just likes to party!
And she LOVES chocolate!
That's my girl!
What a precious gift.
God sure knew what He
was doing when He blessed
our family with
this unique little princess.
And I'm sure her little
brother will be a perfect
fit, too!


  1. cute.
    Gosh, don't we love our grandbabies!!

  2. She is so cute. Every family has at least ONE messy one! We have a couple of them! xo Diana