Monday, June 3, 2013

Brilyn and Olivia Feeding the Ducks

 Grandpa Took Brilyn and Olivia
to the pond on the Razor to
feed the ducks.
 Look how big those ducks have gotten!
They are careful not to get too
close to the girls.
But they come running to eat as
soon as the girls step away
from the food.
And finding the ducks and feeding
them is always a
brand new adventure.
Sometimes they are quite easy
to spot... and sometimes
they are hiding!


  1. What wonderful memories their granddaddy and you are creating for those precious little girls- xo Diana

  2. Patty, Thos esweet girls will remember feeding ducks. My daughter Karen tells about when she had a slice of bread to feed the ducks...she was going to piece it out to them and one came by and grab the bread right out of her hand. We laugh about it still.xoxo,Susie

  3. Feeding the ducks is a huge memory for my grands and I.
    We live about 4 blocks from a nice park with a large pond. Lots and lots of ducks....