Thursday, June 13, 2013

Caelie Visits The Pet Shop

 I babysat Caelie one day and we talked
about Deuce being an Insect Zookeeper
at the Oklahoma State Fair as a child and
having a pet Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.
She wanted to see one, so we went
to the pet shop, hoping to find
one in stock.
There were no cockroaches!
But - she stuck her finger in a crack
to give a hairless rat something to
nibble on.
 Then, the pet shop employee came over
to open the cage and one jumped out...
and of course, Caelie grabbed it!
 They really seemed to like her!
 After playing with the rat, she
played with a ferret.
 We looked at fish, and snakes and lizards
and all kinds of pets.
And even saw this critter on the way
home. So - we snapped a picture and
got out our bird book to see what it was.
It's a Yellow Crowned Night Heron.
A night heron? Running around in broad
daylight? I wonder if he might be
a little mixed up?

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