Friday, June 14, 2013

Other Critters We Discovered

 Caelie didn't get a pet at the pet shop!
Deuce said no pets!
 (however, her Momma took her back for a lizard)
But - we did see a few critters
when we went to the pond to
feed the ducks.
We saw a dragonfly!
And the White Ducks!
And Brilyn's little brown duck!
(which has for some reason segregated itself away from the white ducks)

We saw a red winged black bird!
 And a couple of Tumble Bugs!
We had to research those Tumble Bugs
when we got back to the house.
We learned that Tumble Bugs
lay eggs and roll them up inside cow
manure to make dung balls - and that
the baby bugs hatch and use the
dung as nourishment. They eat their way
out. Then, they find a mate, lay an egg,
and the whole process starts all
over again. One egg per ball!
They were interesting little critters!
But - not very desirable pets!


1 comment:

  1. Patty,
    I just love nature pictures. They are so peaceful to me. I just saw the red winged black bird at my favorite park the other day. Aren't they lovely? Your nature pictures are wonderful.