Wednesday, June 18, 2014

All Good Things Come From Above

Not long ago when I met
Heather in Wichita Falls to get
the girls, Grace and I noticed that
there are no flowers there.
There were no flowers in the 
garden section of Walmart.
No flowers at Lowe's.

Then last time the girls were
here and it was time for them to go
home, I met Heather in Nacona
for lunch. I came back through
Wichita Falls and ran to
ToysRUs to look for 
Asher a new floatie.
And there were signs like this
BIG Signs in front of Businesses.
Small signs in private yards. 
There are no flowers, because they
are not allowed to water.
Pools are closed. No water.
It's illegal to use a wading pool. 
The pools on 
Sheppard Air Force Base
are closed.
They are recycling waste water
in order to have enough water to
bathe and to drink.
That's a serious drought. 
We've been in a drought, here, too.
But we are allowed to water every other
day and to fill our swimming pools.
Things in Wichita Falls look BAD!
But - I have a feeling they'll be
okay. I think God will 
send a few showers and I think 
they will pull through.
Do you know why?
They know that God is their provider.
HE is the source.
HE is the one who has control
over rain and drought.
And in their time of need
they are turning to HIM!
I loved seeing those signs.
Don't get me wrong, I don't love the 
fact that they are desperate for rain,
or that they are going through 
tough times.
I just love the fact that they
know where to turn.
The signs were and encouragement to me.
I'm happy to know that our neighbors
to the south look to God
to supply their need.
Anyway want to join me
in praying for rain?
May God pour out just the right
amount of rain to replenish 
the water supply in the southern states.
Especially Wichita Falls, Texas!
"My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:19


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