Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brilyn's Pet Turtle

Brilyn has been wanting a pet
turtle for quite some time.
So - I've been keeping my eye's 
out and looking for one.
A friend posted that her dog had found
one on facebook and she was 
looking for it a good home!
 So - I asked if we could have it
for Brilyn! 
And - since Brilyn as on vacation
at the time, I picked it up and 
got it all acquainted with it's new home!
 Brilyn's Daddy, Andrew, had a pet
turtle when he was a teenage
and took it to his first apartment
and first him - so he knows
all about them. And he can 
teach Brilyn how to care for it.
She's learning to be gentle!
And - I think she's doing a pretty
good job!
Aren't her and Squirt cute together?

1 comment:

  1. Really cute!!!! One time our kids picked up a HUGE SNAPPING turtle and brought it home in the wagon and put it in our pool! They were lucky they didn't get bit!!!! We were scared to death when we found out what it was! xo Diana