Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pen and Ink

 While reading the "Addy" books
from American Girl, we learned about
Quill Pens and Ink.
 Grace had the opportunity to try
one out. It was fun, but it's much
harder to write with than
the pens we use today!
 People in times past would also not
even think about wasting a piece 
of paper. And just think about all of the
things we waste today! Things 
that are really of little value, 
but would have been valued in times past.
Addy wrote carefully, so she would not
waste precious paper that her family
could barely afford. 
I wonder if maybe we take too
much for granted now.
Addy and her mother did not have
a lamp - and were saving for one.
However, they gave their savings to
the freed man's fund to help 
slaves who had just been freed 
to get established. 
They gave up a lamp.
A very basic NEED. Addy needed
the light to do her homework
and he Mother needed the light
to sew, to support the two
of them. 
Yet - they agreed to do without
so someone else could
have a better life.
What could we do without so 
someone else can have a
better life?
I am all for enjoying the fruits of 
our labor, and often people with
less, labor less - or less hard.
But - we do need to remember those 
who are in situations they 
cannot control.
People who are facing tough times,
and who have real NEEDS. 
May God help us discern who He
would like us to reach out to
when the time is right. 

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  1. That is a powerful message here, Patty! I love that she is using the quill pen. Remember the blotting papers they used, too? What a great book to share with your grandkids. Such an important lesson- xo Diana