Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Coolest Zoo, Ever!

While the girls were here, earlier in the
month we went to 
in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.
 Brilyn, Asher and Weston went, too!
 This is a very hands-on zoo!
We all got to play with a baby taliger!
(half tiger and half liger {lion-tiger mix})
 The Taliger's name was Alisa and it
loved Olivia!
It actually, loved Olivia's frilly dress.
It would chase her and bite it and the
wildlife attendant would often have to
pull it away. The cub was gentle andwas never
really a threat to Olivia - only her dress.
 I played with the Taliger, too, but for 
the most part, I was happy to take pictures
and let the kids play. After all,
what kid can say they've actually played
with a baby taliger?
 Asher & the Taliger
 Weston & the Taliger
 The taliger, Alisa, by herself!
Grace & the taliger.
Grace probably enjoyed this as much
as anyone. I think she played with the
little cub the most. 
And I'll share more about this
hands on zoo later.
There is just too much to share
in only one post.


  1. I love those hands on zoos. It is so good for the kids to be able to get up close and personal to animals. What a great day you had- xo Diana

  2. O, how we love zoos...we go to one every chance we get. I took our grands to one about 3 hours away...we don't have a zoo in our town.
    So glad you got to take them.....