Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Easiest Apple Strudel, Ever!

I think I got this idea from BJ over at
Anyway - I wasn't sure and didn't write
it down, I just remembered it while shopping
and picked up the supplies.
 Two cans of Cresent Rolls
and 1 Can of Pie Filling!
(you can use any kind, but I like apple - and Great Value rolls are actually better)
 Arrange your rolls like this!
 Spoon the pie filling onto the rolls/crust as pictured!
 Fold over and seal. Bake as directed on
the can. And - add a touch of frosting
if you wish.
This is very simple. And perfect for a 
breakfast dessert or coffee. 
And you can slice it thin and feed many
or slice it thick and feed a few!
It also looks great, so you could take it 
to a pot luck or somewhere.

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