Thursday, July 10, 2014


 We had a cool, overcast morning while
the girls were here, so we decided
to go hiking!
(as soon as we got to the refuge, though, the sun came 
out and the summer heat came with it)
We saw something in the bushes!

 Of course, we had to get a closer look!
It was a lizard!
 Brilyn likes hiking with a stick, but
I don't think she ever found the right one.
 The three girls!
 A Mountain Boomer!
 We took a picnic lunch - which Asher enjoyed!
 Actually, I think Asher enjoyed the
whole hike!
 He actually was so relaxed he fell asleep.
 And look! Another lizard! It looks a lot
like the first one we saw, only
it's missing part of it's tail.
And look at this. A lovely wild flower!
We saw several wild flowers. 
We have been working on our wildflower
badge, but we didn't include these.
You are not supposed to pick flowers
on the refuge. We could collect 
PICTURES of them, though!
 And - since lizards are so plentiful, I
think we will try to learn about them
when the girls come back!

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