Thursday, July 17, 2014

So.... What Did We Do AFTER The Parade?

After the parade we went to the
Neighborhood Party!
 There were inflatables.... hot dogs.....
 and even a mechanical bull!
 The girls tried this ONE inflatable!
 It was a wet and wild 
obstacle course... which was great fun!
 They went all the way through and 
climbed to the top!
And really liked it UNTIL, they
could see over the other side!
 Where - there was a BIG, STEEP SLIDE!
 Grace does not like BIG, STEEP SLIDES,
so she turned around and climbed back
down and found the safety exit!
(safety exit aka Momma's arms)
 She wanted to do something else!
Suggestions were made. And the one she
okay-ed was showing Grandma
the garden we planted at Merry's farm!
 So - we went to see the garden
and ended up on a horse!
 Doesn't this girl look pretty on
a horse?
 Man-made fun vs. Natural Fun
 These girls prefer things natural!
 We went back later for the 
pool party, but our afternoon
was spent at the farm.
Where I finally got to meet Una!
She was born the evening of 
Olivia's Birthday Party,
which was held at the farm.
I've heard a lot about her and have
seen pictures - but this is the 
first time I've seen her in person!
Isn't she sweet!

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