Friday, July 18, 2014

Pool Party

This is the Big Pool in
my daughter's neighborhood. It is
paid for and ran by the
Home Owners Association,
so it is co-owned by the residents!
This is at the 4th of July Pool Party,
so it's super busy. Normally, it's 
not so crowded.
Anyway, there is a HUGE pool and a 
few  smaller pools and a couple of
really nice sized sand boxes,
Plus two water slides!
The girls like going down the white water
slide in someone's lap, so I had a chance to
go down it with each of them!
We also played in the sand!
Grace and I made a Sand Whale!
And a Sand Mermaid!
And Olivia made a beautiful castle!
It was a great day!
Who doesn't love a day at the pool?


  1. How lovely to have such a beautiful day with family. Isn't it great to have an excuse to try out the things in the pool.....and play in the sandpit? Thanks for sharing it with us. Joan

  2. What a fun pool. Your slide story reminds me (as usual) of the time my first grandboy wanted to go down the water slide but was scared. He was 3...anyway, I said ok, you can sit in my lap and we'll go down together. He wanted to be sure not to go under the water. I said, I'll keep us above water....well, when my feet hit that slippery bottom, we both went down under the water....both came up laughing and it's a precious memory for me...but he was too young to even remember. :))